Conversational Hypnosis Mastery-Igor Ledochowski

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Igor Ledochowski -Conversational Hypnosis Mastery

Conversational Hypnosis Mastery-Igor Ledochowski

Is Money, Fame & Fun The Ultimate New Year Gift To Yourself?
The Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp consists of the following:
How to Be a Professional Stage Hypnotist Bootcamp ?Çô A 15 DVD Set
DVD 01 ?Çô How to Be a Powerful Stage Hypnotist
DVD 02 ?Çô The Secrets to Becoming a Master of Instant Inductions
DVD 03 ?Çô How to Do Dramatic Hypnotic Demonstrations & Overcome Any Shyness
DVD 04 ?Çô Discover the Power of Waking Inductions & How to Train an Audience
DVD 05 ?Çô Group Induction Secrets, Corporate Inductions, & How to Deal with Problems
DVD 06 ?Çô Instant Street Hypnosis Training & Group Dynamics You Need to Know
DVD 07 ?Çô How to Start a Stage Hypnosis Show the RIGHT Way!
DVD 08 ?Çô How to Practice the Start of Your Stage Hypnosis Show So It Runs Perfectly Every Time!
DVD 09 ?Çô Discover the Exact Steps a Professional Stage Hypnotist Uses to Warm Up His Volunteers on Stage
DVD 10 ?Çô The 7 Critical Phases Every Stage Hypnosis Show Must Go Through to Be a Sensational Success
DVD 11 ?Çô Advanced Stage Hypnosis Routines & How to Invent New Routines
DVD 12 ?Çô The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own Show
DVD 13 ?Çô Secrets to a Successful Stage Hypnosis Business & How to Promote Your Show Anytime, Anywhere & to Anyone
DVD 14 ?Çô Your Stage Hypnosis Business Questions Answered
DVD 15 ?Çô How to Put All the Parts of Your Show Together So Everything Runs Like Clockwork & Conclusion of the Training
1 Complete Transcript in PDF
15 Individual DVD Transcripts in PDF
4 Bonus DVDs
Bonus DVD 01 ?Çô Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)
Bonus DVD 02 ?Çô Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)
Bonus DVD 03 ?Çô Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)
Bonus DVD 04 ?Çô Example Stage Hypnosis Shows (Various)
1 Bonus DVD ?Çô Sample PROMO Pieces & DIY (Do It Yourself) Promo Items
1 Bonus CD on Advanced Safety Training for Stage Hypnosis
5 Bonus CDs with Royalty Free Music to Use In Your Stage Hypnosis Shows

Special Bonus: Stage Confidence Self-Hypnosis Digital MP3
One of the biggest objections we?ÇÖve heard is from people who have stage fright. They?ÇÖre afraid of getting on stage and talking.
If you?ÇÖre one of these people, it?ÇÖs okay. Lots of people have a fear of public speaking.
But get this?Ǫ Igor has just created a brand new 40-minute self-hypnosis audio to automatically program you for confidence on the stage.
After listening to this self-hypnosis audio, you?ÇÖll be able to waltz on-stage without any butterflies in your stomach?Ǫ without ever feeling even a twinge of nervousness or self-doubt.

Crash Course Seminar on Stage Hypnosis
Igor recently interviewed Spencer about how he got started as a professional stage hypnotist ?Çö and all the steps he follows to make his shows run like a well-oiled machine.
After this interview, Igor & Spencer recorded what I?ÇÖm calling the ?Ç£Crash Course Seminar on Stage Hypnosis?Ç¥ ?Çô It runs for over three and a half hours. (Plus if you haven?ÇÖt yet heard the Interview that will be also available)
Listen to these in your car or while you?ÇÖre walking or doing errands around your house to reinforce everything you?ÇÖve learned in the DVDs.

Sample Stage Contract
Here is a sample stage contract that you can modify and begin using immediately to book your own paid stage hypnosis shows.
We?ÇÖve personally seen contracts like this sold for $149. And it would cost a small fortune to have an attorney draft one up from scratch. But you get this sample contract free.

Stage Hypnosis Business Card Templates
Here are 9 custom-made business card templates so you can promote your stage hypnosis business to people you meet in your everyday life.
We?ÇÖve commissioned these business cards to be professionally designed JUST for stage hypnotists! Which means your business card is going to look unique?Ǫ and it?ÇÖs going to make you look like a professional.

Sample Press Release
A great way to make sure you?ÇÖre only performing for sold out shows is to publish a press release announcing the time and date of your performance.
With that in mind, here is a sample press release ?Çö written specifically for stage hypnotists ?Çö that you can adapt and release anytime you put on a new show.

6 Stage Hypnosis Promotional Posters
We had these 6 posters commissioned just for you. They have been designed specifically to promote stage hypnosis shows ?Çö and they look amazing!
All you have to do is plug in the venue where you?ÇÖre performing, the time and date of your show, your name?Ǫ and that?ÇÖs basically it.

Advanced Safety Training for Stage Hypnosis ?Çô Digital
As much fun as stage hypnosis is, you always need to put the safety of your volunteers first.
That?ÇÖs why Igor has created a list of modified instructions for regressions so every show you do runs SMOOTHLY and SAFELY.
Igor says this audio recording is so critical to your long-term success that you should listen to it FIRST before you go through any of the other materials.
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