Chris Howard – Master Results Training

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Chris Howard – Master Results Training

Chris Howard – Master Results Training

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In this courses, Howard uses Results Technologies to instigate instant change on a subconscious level.

Instead of looking only at therapists as a source to model, I began looking to the greatest spiritual, world and business leaders of all time, such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Richard Branson (the mastermind behind Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines), to name a few.
If you are looking for a Life Changing, scientific & proven programme for success in all areas of your life then this is THE Programme for you

In this Comprehensive NLP Master Results CD Programme You Will:

• Gain cutting edge techniques for facilitating permanent change in your clients and/or colleagues

• Gain the relevant tools for high level business consulting

• Gain the ability to get right to the core of major issues within corporations and businesses – then resolve them rapidly

• Gain the ability to change the basis of personality and shift corporate culture

• Master coaching skills

• Learn values processes to align personal & professional relationships

• Learn personality profiling skills that will make you a master hiring consultant

• Learn advanced language patterns for creating change conversationally

• Leadership mindset – develop the mindset that will allow you to accelerate your success by creating synergistic relationships and coaching others to get what they want most

From this research Howard created his Results Technologies. They are tools that allow you to create yourlifethewaythatyouwantbyexpandingyour self-concept and expanding the results that you are able to produce in any context.

Through the technique of Cognitive Profiling, we can look at any result that anybody has ever produced and replicate that result in a fraction of the time,” explains Howard. “In the various courses we teach in our Fast Track to Success, Cognitive Profiling and Cognitive Re-imprinting, along with other tools, are taught as a means of accelerating one’s own success We teach how to replicate or expand excellence.”

Christopher Howard, an internationally acclaimed expert in accelerated change technologies and leadership, has made a career out of guiding people to immediately transform ineffective thoughts and behaviors into adaptable, successful ones that allow them to create the results they want in their lives.

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