Charisma Video Event videos STD with Ruth Sherman

Igor Ledochowski – Private Hypnosis Club – Master Classesx Vol 1 – 24

Charisma Video Event videos STD with Ruth Sherman

Charisma Video Event videos STD with Ruth Sherman

Charisma Video Event videos STD with Ruth Sherman
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Ruth Sherman’s


Video Event

Command. Connect. Convert.

Join me and 14 top experts as we share our best strategies,

advice, and insights on how to create a thriving, profitable,

multiple 6 or 7 figure business.

Your Charisma

You need it to be successful, but Charisma can be elusive and hard to define.

It appears to be some mysterious quality that some have and others don’t. And if you don’t have it, then you’re just out of luck.

But contrary to popular belief, Charisma is not inborn. It’s learned.

Furthermore, Charisma isn’t limited to your “presence,” though that’s certainly part of it. In fact, Charisma comes in many forms, shapes, sizes, and areas of expertise.

And the good news is that you, whether an experienced business owner, just starting out, or simply aspiring to build something great, already have this quality inside. You just need to find it, learn it, practice putting it out there and watch amazing things happen in your business.

The trouble is, you aren’t sure . . .

Where To Start

As any successful business owner will tell you, the fastest way to move forward is to study, associate with, and learn from ultra-charismatic people who have already achieved the success and profit you crave – and deserve.

The good news is I’ve selected 14 master business owners, who are ready to share their best strategies, advice, and hard-won insights with you.

It’s all part of my “Charisma! Command. Connect. Convert.” Video Event, a remarkable and info-packed series of video interviews during which these experts will share the truth about just what it takes to reach extraordinary success.

The video platform is extra-exciting because it will give you the opportunity to “meet” each of them up close and personal. Phone calls or webinars simply cannot compete.

This is no-nonsense, truthful, from-the-heart information. You’re not going to hear…

• “It’s easy.”

• “Make a million dollars while your child takes his nap.”
• “Earn $$ while you sleep.”

I am so tired of hearing that kind of nonsense and I suspect you are, too. It’s rampant. And sadly, untrue, wasting so much of good people’s time and money.

This is all about giving you the raw, unfiltered, honest facts about just what it takes, with a good deal of wisdom, insight, and humor thrown in.

And it’s all waiting for you right now.

Best of all, there’s NO COST!

• COMMAND the stage and the camera so you can intensify your brand presence

• CONNECT with your perfect, ideal customers who want what you have to offer

• CONVERT raving fans into clients who will gladly pay you what you’re worth

JOIN US, and get the best information from some of the most accomplished,
respected, and extraordinary professionals I know.

Ruth Sherman Associates LLC

Speakers and Their Topics:

Debbie Allen – Discover the Secrets to Becoming a High Paid Expert
Lou Bortone – Video Marketing Success Secrets: How to Create Great Video that Engages Your Prospects
and Creates Raving Fans
Allyson Byrd – Profit Domination: Learn 5 Weekly Actions You Must Take For Rapid Income Growth
Suzanne Evans – Selling From the Stage: How to Fearlessly Use the Power of Your Personality to Connect
and Convert From the Platform
Kathleen Gage – Your Greatest Secret Is You
Christine Gallagher – Turn Your Time Online Into Income: Leveraging Relationship Marketing and Social Media
to Get the “Expert Factor” in Biz
Sabrina Gibson – The Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make with Social Media and How to Fix Them
Afrin Khan – 6 Figure Secrets to Successful Live Events
Susan Lassiter-Lyons – How to Instantly 3x Your Customer Value
Re Perez – How to Create a Game-Changing Brand
Linda Claire Puig – Charisma on the Road
Ira Rosen – How to Gain Access to the 200 Million Affluent Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and
High-Level Decision Makers on LinkedIn and Get Their Attention
Marilee Tolen – 7 Easy Ways to Use Online Video to Get More Clients and Make More Money
Jules Watkins – Pain Free Video Editing
Ruth Sherman – Charisma! Command. Connect. Convert.
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