Cameron Teone – Building Attraction Secrets

Cameron Teone – Building Attraction Secrets

Cameron Teone – Building Attraction Secrets

Cameron Teone – Building Attraction Secrets

Name Product: Cameron Teone – Building Attraction Secrets
Download Size: 770 MB
COST: $197= Your Free
Author: Cameron Teone
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In this course Cameron Teone will teach you a multitude about how to approach, meet, and date tons of new women and does so with the way of a natural.

List of Topics Covered:
Disc One: Understanding Attraction
– Learn about attraction formula that shows you exactly why women feel attraction

Disc Two: Confidence And The Driving Forces.
– What is the “Three Pillars of Confidence”?

Discs Three & Four: The Attributes™.
– The “holy grail” of pickup

Disc Five: Conversational Frames.
– How to pass the subtle tests whenever women ask you questions

Disc Six: Calibration.
– The mechanics behind being the “popular guy”

Disc Seven: Story Telling.
– How to create and deliver stories that will have her captivated

Disk Eight: Identity, Beliefs and Solid Game.
– The method to build a powerful identity and belief system

Disc Nine: Opening and Conversational Mastery.
– Discover the opening and conversational techniques
* Disc Nine Bonus: Appearance.
This is one of the shorter chapter designed to give you ideas on how to improve your overall appearance and fashion.

Disc Ten: Supplication and Social Conditioning.
– Two topics that delve into the heart and soul of why so many men take refuge in the seduction community.

Disc Eleven: Understanding Techniques, Avoiding Bad Advice and Final thoughts On Attitude.
– This disk will give insight into understanding why certain men always succeed and how you can become that man

Disc Twelve: Summary.
– A review of the entire program, this chapter will categorize the attributes into 5 main categories and explain to you where you need to get started.

Disc Thirteen: Debriefing.
– Designed to be as close to an interactive workshop

Disc Fourteen: Bonus Interview with Steve Piccus
– The Proper Attitudes of a man, (and how most men are missing it.
– What it means to be a man
– Where to begin in order to achieve what you want
– The single most important step in achieving balance (without this, you may be lost and just going in circles.)

Disc Fifteen: Bonus Interview with David Wygant
– Dave’s ideas on meeting women during everyday environments
– 3 keys to day-time approaches Dave’s favorite place to take women on 1st dates.

Disc Sixteen: Bonus Interview with Barry Kirkey
– Barry’s story of how he got started in the community
– His triumph in overcoming depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder.
– Ending dependence on club-validation.

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