The Business Films Blueprint | Ultimate Training Course To Creating Business Videos Worth 3-5K

The Business Films Blueprint | Ultimate Training Course To Creating Business Videos Worth 3-5K

The Business Films Blueprint | Ultimate Training Course To Creating Business Videos Worth 3-5K

The Business Films Blueprint | Ultimate Training Course To Creating Business Videos Worth 3-5K

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reating well crafted high converting videos for businesses can be an incredible success for you

Video Marketing is exploding on an EPIC scale. Study after study has shown that a well-crafted video can give phenomenal sales results. And who always want more sales? BUSINESSES!

In fact: 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online from watching a video – COMSCORE

Compare that to other marketing alternatives like Social, Search & Email . Their conversion rates are embarrassingly low compared to video.


But not just any video slapped together with an iPhone and some cheesy graphics. A well-crafted video that tells a compelling story about the company using interviews, testimonials and cinematic visuals that creates conversion.

Why Creating High Quality Business Videos is

Why Business Owners NEED a skilled videographer to create their video


Successful businesses understand that time is their most valuable resource and when a business wants to grow they don’t spend tons of time learning from “Do it yourself: Video in a Hour” courses. Smart business owners spend time on what they do best and hire professionals to do professional work – like you when it comes to video.


Smart businesses also understand that quality makes a difference. A doctor for instance will spend literally 7+ years of their life for schooling that costs over 250K, then spend 75K+ on their practice. Most would NEVER spend a couple hundred bucks on a poorly produced video that doesn’t reflex the dedication, time and money they’ve already invested in their self & their team.


Many business owners are great at their craft but typically don’t know a lot about marketing. Educating your clients about the power of the video is a HUGE reason why they need a skilled videographer with basic marketing knowledge about how they can leverage their video for success over just someone that can just point a camera in the general direction.


Step by step video training to create incredible business films that you can charge 3-5K for

In this extensive 12 hour course we”ll walk you through step by step everything you need to know to craft  business videos that you can charge clients 3-5K for.  It doesn’t matter if your just starting out, switching from photography to video or a seasoned pro that wants to sharpen your skills. You’ll learn invaluable insight, techniques and a proven process that we’ve learned with our years of experience and working with some amazing clients from large brands to great local companies.

Learning the core skills for filming with a DSLR


Whether you’re just starting out with videography or you’re switching over to a DSLR, you’ll love the concepts in this chapter.  We’ll show you the ropes of using a DSLR by teaching you the essential principles, walk you through core settings that will help enhance your picture quality and provide you with the steps we take to ensure great exposure every time.

  • Simple explanations of camera settings for EPIC shots
  • Understand ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance
  • OUR 5-step exposure process

Learning what gear you need to create EPIC work


We’re both gear junkies and we’ve literally spent over 75K combined on equipment through the years. Instead of killing your bank account we’ll tell you what gear you need,  what you can do without and equipment that’s the best bang for your buck! This chapter alone will pay for the course by literally saving you thousands!

  • Know the equipment necessary for DSLR quality video
  • Personalized gear packs based on your budget
  • SAVE THOUSANDS on gear by learning from our mistakes!

Learn effective business filming techniques


Now that you have your gear in hand, it’s time to put it to good use. We’ll go over basic concepts of filming so you can have a solid foundation. Then we’ll explain exactly how to use your gear so you start becoming a Video Ninja! In addition to all that we’ll cover a variety of different filming strategies and shots to get when you’re specifically filming for businesses so you can get great shots every time.

  • Learn the fundamentals of filming
  • Understand the key principles that we use to film
  • How to get the most out of a scene even if it’s boring

Learning an effective approach to planning your shoot


Before you start filming you need to begin envisioning the final edit. The more you plan ahead, typically, the smoother both filming & editing will be; however you certainly don’t need to over plan and complicate things more than they need to be. In this chapter we’ll show you effective ways to streamline your planning so you’re prepared but not investing a tremendous amount of time over thinking everything. We’ll go into detail every step we take from understanding your client to effectively planning a successful shoot without spending countless hours exhausting yourself mentally & physically.

  • Understand essential planning strategies
  • Step by step guidance through the entire process
  • Included shot, interview & filming checklists

Learn effective strategies to interviewing for genuine audio


Interviewing is a lot more than just asking a list of questions, you have to connect with the interviewee, know the right questions to ask and how to ask them.  In this chapter we’ll go into great detail on your set-up, approach, questions to ask and how to ask them.  In this chapter you’ll be more confident with the process and be able to get the most out of your interviews.

  • Learn different types of questions and how to ask them
  • How to set up all your gear properly for the interview
  • How to master filming and interviewing at the same time

Developing a style and approach to editing


All your preparation and hard work has paid off, and your vision is about to come to life! Editing can be challenging, but don’t let that scare you. We’ll walk you through the techniques that we use to streamline the editing process for great story telling. We’ll be focusing on the craft of editing so don’t worry about software or the mechanics of editing this is going to be all about story building from start to finish.

  • Step by step the guide to editing business films
  • Learn our streamlined process to editing effectively
  • Examples from real client work

Simple steps after your video
is completed


Having one client that continues to work with you is incredibility valuable long-term. In this short video series we’ll go over how to go through the revision process, assist with basic marketing of their video and review some excellent future video opportunities with your client.

  • Learn a simple video review process with your client
  • How to educate your client on marketing their video
  • Exploring future opportunities for additional video work



Unlike other training where you need to go through 1-3 hour long “modules” this training is incredibly organized an broken down into chapters, categories and sections, so you can easily access the information that best pertains to your individual learning goals.

If you’re new to filming & DSLRs then starting from Chapter 1: DSLR Training and working your way through the course is the approach you want to take. If you’re a seasoned pro or photographer than you can jump to the Chapter :2 Equipment Essentials or Chapter 3: Filming Techniques.

This course was designed to be an end to end training from start to finish with tips, strategies, and explanations from basic principles to advantaged techniques. Because of the great organization you can literally “Choose Your Own Adventure” and focus on the areas and topics you specifically want to learn to help take your videos to the next level, giving you the ability to charge more.

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