Brian Tracy – influencing customer behaviour

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Brian Tracy – influencing customer behaviour

Brian Tracy – influencing customer behaviour

Brian Tracy – Influencing Customer Behavior

Here are some Reasons why people buy:

To do that you must first Uncover their deep subconscious needs, their Buying influences. Their hot buttons. (These are short notes taken from Brian Tracy’s video link below on Influencing Customer Behavior. To understand these notes fully, please watch the video )

Here’s how to influence customer behaviour:

1. TRIGGERS – Reciprocity and Obligation


Incremental Commitment (you expect people will not be interested until you know what they really want) consistency – Uncover the customer’s buying strategy. Reasons Why they bought that (alternative) product?
Social Proof (similar to others, who else has bought it before?)
People with similar backgrounds who bought the product & Testimonials (letters, lists, photos eg Look Book)
3. LIKEABILITY (emotional decision making)

HIgh Self Esteem equals Positive Mental Attitude – be likeable, be cheerful, be friendly, smile, If you want people to like you, you must love yourself first.
Reciprocate. They want to stay even by reciprocating – emotional & physical (financial) to get out of the sense of obligation
Do favours / kindness
Send Thank You notes / cards
Small treats like coffee at breakfast time

People like / trust you.
Be cheerful, smile, be friendly, be fun to be with,
You care about them,
Look Healthy

Expertise (learn enough to be confident about what you are selling)
Publications (show and sell)
Radio & TV links
Symbols of Success

Implies value
Creates urgency (limited time it will be available at that price, quantity etc). A Special offer. Sampling.
Contrast with other products. Always start with the higest priced item and end with the lowest price item. It’s better, new, cheaper, safer, natural, no artificial ingredients etc.

Because… (benefits)

I always recommend Brian Tracy’s DVD “Successful Selling”
Influencing Customer Behavior
How to get your customers to buy more, faster and at any price!

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