Ben Suarez – 7 Steps to Freedom II

Ben Suarez - 7 Steps to Freedom II

Ben Suarez – 7 Steps to Freedom II

Ben Suarez is not selling seminar seats… What he did with

his knowledge is he created The Suarez Corporation – over

100 mln $ a year company.

By many – The 7 Steps to Freedom is THE BEST book on

direct marketing ever.

Now – let’s see the seminar (looks like it’s VHS-rip)

I have included PDF version of his book – but I edition, not II ed.


Ben Suarez has written the best “how to” book for anyone wanting to
start and build a sucessful mail order or direct response business.
Suarez reveals many step-by-step formulas for selecting products,
testing the market for a new product idea, writing great ads and direct
mail letters, and so much more. This is an incredible book! Suarez used
to have a job, then went to work for Gary Halbert in the early 1970s. He
took what he learned from Halbert and started his own company…which
he has grown to over $120,000,000 in annual sales. He is a great teacher
as well. Very methodical. Very thorough. If you want to study one of
the best copyriters and business builders of our time, you must study
this book.

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