Ben Hunt – Pro Web Design Course

Ben Hunt – Pro Web Design Course

Ben Hunt – Pro Web Design Course

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Size: 6.1 GB
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Most web designers and web site owners simply don’t know the critical skills for making web sites succeed…

How to drive traffic. How to engage visitors with a compelling proposition. And then convert them into customers.

I have been researching, testing, and perfecting these techniques for 2 years.

Now I have put all that knowledge into this 6-month online course, so that you can become a web designer and earn real money.

Learn how to make websites that work

So what is a website that works? Well, a website that works must accomplish two things:

Get the right number of the right kind of people to visit it
Get as many of those people to take action

This can be summarised as Success =Traffic X Conversion
In order to do this, you need to understand the goals of the site, how to push visitors towards these goals by presenting solutions to their problems and explaining the benefits of your solutions.

It’s amazing to me now, that so many sites have a “contact us” page almost as an after thought when this one call to action can be the reason the site exists! This contact us page should be the starting point, and every subsequent page carefully crafted to funnel visitors towards it.

What you’ll learn
The main thing that Ben Hunt’s Pro Web Design Course has taught me is that there is an awful lot more to web design than I’d imagined and even though I’m only on Month three we’re covered:

Photoshop skills, Graphic design, Design analysis, Using Graphics, Page layout, Colour schemes, Contrast & Noticeability, Navigation design, SEO, Keyword research, Link building, CSS (including CSS3), HTML Semantic HTML, Branding and Positioning, Sales, Client management, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing any Business, Conversion Optimisation, Copywriting, Using Optimization tools.

Each month builds on what you’ve already learnt, adding further layers and dimensions in a way that totally opens your eyes!

You also get access to a whole bunch of great bonus material:
Complete AdWords course from Howie Jacobson (worth $997)
Full year’s subscription to (worth $108)
Save the Pixel ebook by Ben Hunt
Copy of Convert! book by Ben Hunt
Copy of ‘The Secret of Selling Anything’ (not available anywhere else)
Pro Graphics (worth $169)
WordPress Theme (worth $97)
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