Affiliate Millionaire By Greg Davis

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Affiliate Millionaire By Greg Davis

Affiliate Millionaire By Greg Davis

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The scene: One of the hottest clubs in New York City. But tonight it’s not open to the public; it’s closed for a private party.
Inside this party are the wealthiest internet marketers in the world. Many of them are personal friends of mine.
At a table in a dark corner of the club, one of my friends is surrounded by 3 tall, gorgeous blondes. He’s worth about $80M, and he’s 25 years old.
There are beautiful women everywhere. A few are in the industry. Most are, well let’s just say they were paid to be there. And they don’t work for the club…
At the table across the dance floor from mine, another friend of mine is standing on the couch. He raises his bottle and yells “sup Rockstar!” as he spots me for the first time. His affiliate business does over $10M/month.
At the table behind him, another group of my friends are dancing with the smoke machine. There are bottles with sparklers everywhere, and by the end of the night their bar tab will be into the 6 figures.
My bill is not quite that high, but there is no shortage of alcohol at my table. A couple buckets of champagne, and several bottles of ultra-premium vodka and tequila. I take a shot of Patron and as I lift a $2000 bottle of champagne to my lips to chase it, another friend stops by my table.
This friend has several businesses that collectively do a quarter of a Billion dollars in annual sales.
After downing a bottle of champagne nature is calling, so I step down from the couch and head to the restroom. I bump into a kid that I know is not even old enough to be in the club, but when you’re a millionaire by age 17 people tend to bend the rules.
He has on a $60,000 watch, and I hear he just bought a new Ferrari.
The collective net worth of the individuals in that club is well into the billions.
But unless you’ve been to one of their exclusive Las Vegas or New York gatherings, you’ve never seen them. They don’t do product launches. They don’t have email lists. Most of them have never even heard of your favorite “top” internet gurus.
How can all these relatively young people make so much money? They have no regard for dropping $100K+ in a club in one night because their industry is so lucrative, and the cash comes in FAST.
That industry is affiliate marketing, but not your traditional affiliate marketing. This isn’t Clickbank, and we don’t get paid a small percentage of a sale.
Almost no one knows about this, and

The few that do never talk about it.

This secret can literally explode your business.

Triple your ROI from all your paid advertising.

Get into the mind of a Super Affiliate Rockstar with my Secret Underground Hardcore Blog.


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