Adsense 101 Bootcamp – Stephen Crooks

Stephen Crooks Adsense 101 Bootcamp

Adsense 101 Bootcamp – Stephen Crooks

Here is a little taster of what you can expect when you embark upon the Adsense 101 bootcamp. Seven weeks of training that will take you from zero to hero in not only the world of Adsense but also in the world of search engine optimization.

You will become a jedi master in the art of knowing what makes people in your niche market tick and how to create content that they will love. It doesn’t stop there because you also get to grips with driving hordes of good traffic to the sites you build!

The same techniques, strategies and tasks have been tried and tested by not only myself, but by a myriad of Adsense lovers from around the world. The feedback I have had so far from bootcamp members has been remarkable. The general concensus is how simple, straightforward and clearly laid out each of the daily tasks were. More importantly, from the members who wish to share their Adsense experiences with me, they have seen big increases in their Adsense income as a result!


The Adsense 101 Bootcamp was created to fill the chasm in knowledge that seems to exist between get-rich-quick schemes and professional Adsense publishing. The bootcamp fills that chasm because…
I reveal my amazing strategy for uncovering hordes of great niches with massive profit potential. No more aimlessly looking for the same dull, uninteresting niches.
Discover my unique new approach to keyword research that will have you laughing manically as you pull devastatingly good keywords from the deepest darkest corners of the web.
Watch your pages fly up the Google rankings as you learn the insider secrets to effortlessly ensure all the pages on your sites are optimised to perfection, to give Google exactly what they are looking for.
Discover how to effortlessly create killer content that satisfies the insatiable appetite in just about any niche. Understand how this one-of-a-kind approach to content creation will define the perfect marriage between link bait, the search engines and the people who crave it.
I will introduce you to the lost art of natural site promotion. I reveal my total solution for getting your pages to go viral while ensuring you are going with the Google flow..
Traffic, traffic, traffic.. Prepare to be amazed as the fruits of great viral content that both Google and your people devour, results in an avalanche of traffic to your pages!
Satisfaction guranteed, as I introduce my fresh new approach to optimizing Adsense on your pages that will skyrocket your CTR and your Adsense income to new heights..
And much, much more…

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