Abraham-Hicks at Sacramento – CA on March 01.2014

Abraham-Hicks at Sacramento - CA on March 01.2014

Abraham-Hicks at Sacramento – CA on March 01.2014

LIVE 3-Hr Broadcast [AUDIO – 1 M4B] [VIDEO – 6 MP4] English | Size: 2.17 GB

This contains Chapterized Videos in .mp4 format from Abraham LIVE stream Video capture via Internet in FLV format, which was broadcasted real-time from Sacramento, CA on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

1. Chapterized Videos in .mp4 format in HD (High Definition)
2. SD (Standard Definition), which are smaller size files that can be also played on mobile unit such as a smart phone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
3. Audiobook in .m4b with chapter breaks.

Session 1
1-01 Abraham Opens Sacramento Workshop
1-02 All about the momentum
1-03 He wants to start a new momentum now
1-04 When interacting with disagreeable lower flying disc people
1-05 Does contentment needs to be higher on the emotional scale
1-06 She’s worried about her divorce and it’s repercussions
1-07 But she doesn’t feel an intimate connection to him
1-08 But what about the lack of chemistry

Session 2
2-01 Opening the door to the holy grail of manifestation
2-02 Hard time allowing the deserving feeling
2-03 Why don’t we come back with a more conscious knowledge of the laws
2-04 How much life did we waste not knowing the laws
2-05 Are souls on the other side communicating with us
2-06 Are there aliens out there
2-07 35 year old woman wants a healthy baby
2-08 My reemerged stepfather is here playing with us and Jerry
2-09 She doesn’t feel worthy to receive
2-10 Will Abraham goose up the energy around Esther’s body

Session 3
3-01 Why do unexpected bad things happen to people
3-02 How do you get to your subconscious level
3-03 Are subconscious thoughts lower in vibration
3-04 He wants to talk about his trans dimensional experiences
3-05 He views this earth as a theme park
3-06 His change has been marvelous
3-07 He feels a kinship with non-physical culture
3-08 How to retell the story so she won’t doubt
3-09 When do you correct the doubt
3-10 It is difficult to be unaffected by pollution
3-11 Abraham Closes the Sacramento Workshop

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