22 Minutes to Transformation – Amy Scott Grant

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22 Minutes to Transformation - Amy Scott Grant

22 Minutes to Transformation – Amy Scott Grant


22 Minutes to Transformation hosted by Amy Scott Grant (14.mp3’s, 1.html file set)
22 Minutes to

The Telesummit for Busy Seekers
hosted by Amy Scott Grant

What Could Happen in 22 Minutes?

Do you ever feel like…”enough already” with the “love and light and mystic rainbows”? (Yawn…)

It’s like… Just give me something that works!

Maybe you’re ready for a real spiritual healing, and down to earth practical energy tools and techniques… that really work.

My name is Amy Scott Grant and they call me the “Spiritual Ass Kicker.”

I permanently clear blocks, doubts, fears, and limiting beliefs.

And I’ve rounded up some badass healers, and convinced them to share their best healing energy tools with you.

For example…

Did you know that there is an Energetic Imprint on your DNA? It’s affecting your life, day in and day out.

Did you know there’s a specific blueprint for you — one that holds all the secrets you need… to make your life run like a well-oiled machine?

In less than 22 minutes, you can learn about that, and you can also learn about…

one of our speakers who packed up all her belongings and moved all the way to another state… because she got an intuitive hit that she would meet her soul mate there. And she did!

She will teach you how to release the sexual signatures that your past lovers have left on you… so that you can release old baggage and find your perfect match.

Inside, you’ll also discover a very powerful healer who survived not one, but TWO near death experiences, after which his healing abilities shot through the roof!

Another speaker was born intuitive but shut it all down at the age of 9, and because of this was suicidal by the age of 13.

Today she heals everything from depression to physical pain to addictions to confusion.

She’ll share her secrets with you in 22 minutes.

Also, you’ll meet a well-known clairvoyant who foresaw her own near-tragic car accident… which took her 8 full years to recover! Since then, she’s go on the become one of the best-known intuitive healers in the world. You might of seen her on Ricki Lake, or heard her on Whoopi Goldgerg’s radio show.

In her 22-minute interview, she’ll show you how to release the internal war within… and manifest your greatness.

Listen… if you’re really serious about changing your life for the better… if your dedicated to change… I’m talking transformation. Here’s some good news.

There’s no need to spend hours and hours meditating, going to seminars, listening to tapes, ow watching Law of Attraction movies over and over until you can recite them by heart.

In fact… your life can turn on a dime! Transformation can happen in an instant.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears, right?

And you’ve appeared here, which means… you’re ready right now.

Inside, you’ll learn multiple ways to create a dramatic turnaround in just 22 minutes.

You have Free access to all the teachings now. Let the transformation begin!

Here’s our speaker lineup:

Amy Scott Grant -– Spiritual Ass Kicker
Healer, Speaker, Coach and Best Selling Author
Are You “On The Verge”?
• Ever feel like you’re “on the verge” of something big, or what’s next in your life? Here’s how to get off the fence and move
into your next breakthrough.
• Learn to recognize when you’re in breakdown because you’re on the verge of a major breakthrough
• Discover a hidden talent you didn’t know you had (and no, it’s not the Law of Attraction)
• Arm yourself with the power to know the best possible decision in any given moment

Dr. W. Burry Foss
Human Design Consultant, Results-Oriented Management Consultant
Human Design: The Person You Were Born to Be
• The fact that parts of a person’s character are included in the genetic makeup. The characteristics identified in Human Design
are not to be considered as bad or wrong – they are merely something to be taken into account in living one’s life.
• Principles to live successfully without stress – including in many people the need to be asked before undertaking a significant
activity or recognized when they master something.
• Understanding life cycles and emotional swings that are in some designs and how to live successfully with these changes.
• Why people find happiness and compatibility in relationships with other people because they complete each other’s designs.
• Understanding how conditioning affects individual behavior in people such as the ability or lack of ability to express themselves.
• Taking advantage of the wisdom acquired in open centers.

Kim Serafini
Versatile Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, World-Class Speaker,
Qualified Sports Therapist, Former Corporate High-Flyer
The Magic Ingredient in Manifestation
• The top 8 quick things to do each day to transform your life quickly!
• Your Amazing Power and how to use *really* use it
• How to create a life you love; raising your vibration, being irresistibly magnetic
• Why living with integrity is *everything* and why it is so hard
• Clearing your Abundance blocks!


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