YOUTUBE KEYWORD HACK: Find the YouTube Keywords that Rank on Google Page 1

Find the YouTube Keywords that Rank on Google Page 1

Find the YouTube Keywords that Rank on Google Page 1

 YOUTUBE KEYWORD HACK: Find the YouTube Keywords that Rank on Google Page 1

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Dear Fellow Warrior,


Are you frustrated with spending countless hours writing, producing and publishing videos that never get seen by Google? Let alone, your target audience?

Are you struggling with finding the best keywords to make videos for? You know, the ones that your audience is typing into Google, looking for exactly what you have to offer?

If so, I understand how you feel.

I was solid I lie. Perhaps you were too. We were taught that if you build it, they will come.

Well, I certainly have learned the hard way that, “If you build it, they won’t come.”


Just Because You Build It Doesn’t Mean They Will Come

Rather, you have to go and get them.

And it all starts with a great keyword.


It All Starts with a Great Keyword


I know. You see, I’m really just a chemistry teacher by day. I’ve made hundreds of videos for my chemistry website, but very few of them were ranking on Google for the general search terms I was using as my keywords.

But I didn’t know any better. I would just choose terms off the top of my head that I thought were important and relevant, or that YouTube suggested as tags after uploading my video, and hope for the best.

But “hope” rarely works as a marketing technique.


“Hope” rarely works as a marketing technique


I even tried throwing money at my videos based on suggestions Google Adword groups the “Experts” recommended. I would get few to no clicks for these broad keywords, and lost a lot of money.

But throwing money at it rarely works as a marketing technique.


Throwing money at it rarely works as a marketing technique

I continued to struggle with this, and even hired some keyword experts on the Warrior Forum to find me low competition keywords that I could rank for. The problem was that these keywords weren’t all-too relevant to the solution I was offering, so even if I could rank for them, I wasn’t reaching my target market.

So I devoted a large amount of time to figuring out Google’s free keyword tool on my own. And, I had almost just gotten it figured out when Google shut its keyword tool down and replaced it with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

This was daunting to me. I stopped researching for a while and shifted my focus to other areas.

In the meantime, plenty of marketers had tried to sell me keyword tools to replace Google’s Keyword Planner, and I’m afraid to admit that many of them were successful in selling me their bright, shiny object du jour.

But still, I knew deep down that there had to be a way to cull Google’s vast database of keyword research information, and use it to my advantage. It may have been the scientist in me – or science teacher in me – but I just had to figure it out.

And so that’s what I did.

I figured it out.

Not with fancy tools and gadgets, but with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You too can do the same thing I did using a Google Adwords account, Microsoft Excel or Open Office or probably Apple’s software Numbers, though I don’t know all the fancy Numbers keystrokes (I don’t own an Apple computer).

To make it really easy for you, I have created three follow-along videos and a 48-page pdf with over 50 screenshots that will to teach you how to find the exact keywords your customers are searching for, without you having to do all the hard work I did to learn how to do this.

In this 48-page PDF and 3-Video Training Course, I will teach you:

  • How to use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to find great keywords that your future customers are searching for
  • The FREE webpage that helps you find even more keyword ideas
  • What buyers’ keywords are, and how they’re essential for bringing buyers to your offer
  • What long-tail keywords are, and why they are so important
  • The mindless Excel trick to get Google to automatically provide you with the longest long-tail keywords
  • The other mindless Excel trick to get Google to automatically provide you with the most searched for long-tail keywords
  • How to mine your list of Google long-tail keywords for great YouTube keywords from great

You’re going to get all of this in this powerful training.

Listen, I’m no fancy marketer with a big help desk who doesn’t respond to you personally. I’m the real deal. When you write me an email, I respond to you personally and try to help you out as best I can. And when I make products, they are thorough, and the teacher in me makes sure I leave nothing out.

Here is just some of the feedback about my products past purchasers have left…

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