Your Baby Can Read – 6 DVD – Complete Set

Your Baby Can Read - 6 DVD - Complete Set

Your Baby Can Read – 6 DVD – Complete Set

Format: ISO / DVD
Resolution: 720×480
Language: English
Total Size: 10.73 GB
Duration: 35-75 minutes per DVD

Start your baby reading today. Your Baby Can Read! is the early reading program for children 6 months to 5 years and best of all it’s fun. The natural window of opportunity to learn written language is at the same time children learn to speak. Imagine your child reading before the age of five, prior to entering school. Since a baby’s brain thrives on stimulation and develops at a phenomenal pace, the best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years. The early language development system lets you seize this window of opportunity to enhance your child’s learning ability. Giving your child the tools early in life for effective communication, increased learning capacity and emotional well-being will help unlock your child’s
potential. Ages 3 months to 5 years old.

This download will give you Six .avi format videos, instead of six DVD’s.
These .avi videos can be played on any modern DVD player made within the last five years, unless it’s super cheap ($30 brand new lol).
There is no need to convert to the DVD format which would be a huge waste of bandwidth.

Converting these to DVD will Never make the video a higher quality.
The quality here is pretty much perfect anyway.
DVD titles:

1. The Starter
2. Vol. 1
3. Vol. 2
4. Vol. 3
5. Review
6. Workshops
7. Flash Cards

BONUS: Early Learning Workshop DVDrip!
Many people have traveled great distances to hear Dr. Bob speak about how they can stimulate language development in their babies. Learn more about how your baby’s brain develops and why the “natural window” for learning language starts to close at age five. Discover how this remarkable program will have positive and permanent effects in your child’s life! The DVD also features an interview with his daughter Aleka, and tips and techniques on how to stimulate your child’s thinking and creative abilities.

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