X Factor Traffic 2.0 – How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 days

X Factor Traffic 2.0 - How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 days

X Factor Traffic 2.0 - How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 days


X Factor Traffic 2.0 – How to Get Over 1 Million free website visitors in 60 days

Discover How To Use The Top Ten Totally FREE Web Traffic Tactics Of All Time–That Gets Over 1 Million Visitors To Your Site In 60 Days Or Less…

New And Improved For 2010. Introducing Brand New Version 2.0!

Gets You All The Traffic You Want…Without Having To Mess With Google, Yahoo, Or Bing…And Without Ever Having To Open Up Your Wallet—Guaranteed!
Matt Gill

Dear Friend,

Look, there are literally hundreds of things you can do to bring traffic to your website…


After 10 years of testing more than 143 different traffic tactics, we discovered…

There Are Only 10 Timeless Traffic Methods You
Will Ever Need To Worry About.

And guess what?

All 10 of them are absolutely FREE to use.

How well do these 10 traffic tactics work?

Just listen to this…

We challenged Internet legend Willie Crawford to use these methods to generate 100,000 visitors to one of his brand new websites in 60 days—AND HE FAILED—

Instead he generated 1,016,240 visitors to his site in 61 days
ONLY using these 10 totally FREE methods!

Take a look at this screenshot from one of Willie Crawford’s niche sites as a result of using X-Factor traffic tactics:

website traffic - before and after

Just look at the surge in daily visits from May to August. From 214 visits a day in May to 4,420 daily visits in August. We’re talking more than TWENTY TIMES an increase in traffic!

You see, once you put these traffic-methods in motion you set off a “chain reaction” that effortlessly creates an avalanche of targeted visitors…using FAR better and more powerful techniques than SEO or paid search.

And It Gets Even Better Because
These Traffic Tactics…

  • Work in any kind of niche
  • Sell any kind of product or service
  • Work today, tomorrow and into the foreseeable future
  • Work without spending any money
  • Increase your traffic to more than a million visitors
  • Produce results in days

Creates An Unstoppable Force Of Traffic

And listen, if you stack and pack these tactics the way we show you, you will create what amounts to an “unstoppable force” of traffic pointing to your website.

How is that possible?

Because once the traffic gets rolling like an online locomotive, you could NOT stop it even if you wanted to. Stop for a moment and picture hordes of highly targeted traffic coming to your site everyday that continues to grow exponentially—that’s what will happen when you know how to use these methods the right way.

Confession Time

Here’s something interesting you’re also going to discover… and it’s something I must freely admit to you…

These traffic techniques are NOT the hottest, newest, or flashiest methods around.

In fact, they could be considered downright BORING… but they’re constantly overlooked by amateurs, leaving them on the brink of failure in the long run because their newest traffic “fads” simply fizzle out and rob them blind.

Instead, we’re going to show you the techniques that have passed the test of TIME over and over again… and we’re going to show you how to do them the right way.

The magic behind these traffic techniques is that they multiply in power through “synergy” (more on this shortly) and bring you already-hungry prospects by the millions to your website…

They’re the traffic methods used by the “big dog” players of the internet marketing world.

Look, We’re Holding Nothing Back…

We’re going to open the vaults of our 10 year online odyssey of working online with the best in the business on some of the biggest launches in Internet history cramming every shred of useful and immediately actionable information from our massive archive of in-the-trenches experience to give you the complete set of traffic generating methods you’ll ever need for your business.

We had the opportunity to pick the brains of the most successful, most respected and most knowledgeable marketers on the Internet… and ask them the nitty-gritty questions and “behind the scenes” details about EXACTLY what they do to generate wave after wave of targeted traffic to their sites at no cost.

How do they generate traffic so unstoppable— that the only way they could stop it is to literally shut down their websites!?

We put together insider information that was only available from world-class marketers at the top of their game.

People like Mark Joyner, John Reese, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, Willie Crawford, Ken Envoy, Russell Brunson, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill are just a few of the people we had the privilege of putting on the traffic generating “hot seat”.

Listen, these 10 most effective free traffic secrets are so simple, yet so powerful, that anyone can use them to turn their website into a predictable, money-making machine.

They’re timeless, and proven to prevail over all other methods over and over again through the years.

And that’s why to celebrate this 10 year odyssey we’ve put together this revolutionary package of the top breakthrough secrets we’ve uncovered from the past decade when it comes to web traffic…

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll soon discover inside the X-FACTOR TRAFFIC package:

  • How to get a million hits of targeted traffic in under 60 days
  • Secrets of the 1.57 Billion Hit Man (what does John Reese know that you don’t)
  • A simple blueprint powerful enough to quadruple your traffic in the next 30 days…without spending a penny
  • The “can’t lose” tactic the big dog marketers rely on to unleash a tidal wave of traffic to their sites…and why beginners usually get it all wrong
  • How to quickly tell where the sweet spot of your market is…and how to use that information to propel your traffic
  • The 4 crucial traffic techniques you must master…and the simplest way to attract a steady stream of visitors.
  • A sneaky way to use private label rights to power up your traffic potential.
  • How to create funnel systems the right way, so your traffic always has a logical place to go next and why you must never leave your prospects hanging
  • How to stack and pack traffic techniques for maximum impact and why the right combination will produce explosive results
  • Exactly what to say (and how to say it) on social networking sites (like Facebook and Twitter) to effectively get people to visit your site, join your email list and buy your products and services—without getting banned or being perceived as a spammer
  • The EXACT tools you need to use (most of them totally free) to use social marketing as an effective, efficient and fun traffic generation method.
  • And so much more!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get With The X-FACTOR TRAFFIC Package:

  • X-Factor Traffic eBooks Over 100 pages of concise and in-depth, step-by-step instruction and tutorials on the Top 10 Totally Free Traffic Tactics Of The Last Ten Years. No Fat. No Bull. Just solid, 100% ‘Grade-A Angus Beef’ of unadulterated traffic magic.
  • X-Factor Traffic Audio Over 25-Hours of Audio Web Traffic Tutorials from many of the absolute best web marketers of all-time including:
    • Willie Crawford
    • Mark Joyner
    • Dr. Ken Evoy
    • Kevin Wilke & Matt Gill
    • Shawn Collins
    • Yanik Silver
    • Russell Brunson
    • John Reese
    • Tellman Knudson
    • And Many More…
  • X-Factor Traffic Video Nearly 2 Full Hours of Behind-the-Scenes Video on how to build real-life web marketing and traffic generation systems.
  • First Look At X-Factor’s Newest Way to Flood Your Site with a Ton of High-Quality Visitors that are ready and wanting to buy your products or services right now…Social Media Marketing.
  • Bonus #1: “Top Traffic Tactics of the World’s Best Web Marketers This 4-Part 48-page, 8+ Audio series includes behind the scenes lessons on best and worst traffic tactics personally used by everyone from Mark Joyner and Yanik Silver to GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons and SiteSell’s Dr. Ken Evoy. (a $388 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Trafficology’s Mystery Bonus. So top secret I can’t even write it down in public. (a $197 Value!)

Even better still, you’ll get all the insider secrets for a fraction of what everyone else had to pay…

Listen: the only way you could have previously had access to this insider information, was to be a member of Trafficology. But, because of this special promotion, you’re not going to have to pay 1/100th of the suggested value of this powerful package.

Besides—after all the frustration and misinformation you’ve had to suffer through in the past trying to learn the secrets to generating traffic, you deserve something special.

So here’s the deal… when you order today, you get the entire X-FACTOR TRAFFIC package, including:

  • 100+ page of meaty, in-depth training
  • The 34 audio interviews
  • The 4 videos
  • And the 2 exclusive bonuses…

All for the amazingly low price of only $27!

That price is NOT a misprint!

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