Wyatt Woodsmall & Eben Pagan – Master Map of Success

Wyatt Woodsmall and Eben Pagan - Master Map of Success

Wyatt Woodsmall & Eben Pagan – Master Map of Success

Author: Wyatt Woodsmall & Eben Pagan
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Comprehensive approach to “mapping” people and business

Session 1: Evolution, Growth, and Development
In this training you’ll get an overview of the “pattern nature” of human beings, how to distinguish which pattern system is most useful for you, and the danger of identifying too much with any “label” or “type”.

Session 2: Learn The Keys To Development
In this session you’ll learn how to approach map making, and the four key dimensions of change. You’ll also learn the keys to development and the perspectives of living at your level of evolution.

Session 3: Self-Actualization & the History of Management
In this session we get an introduction to the Myers Briggs Personality model and how societies evolve according to this model. We also learn about Maslowʼs Hierarchy of Needs. Take the test to see if you are self-actualized and see what the Prussian army had to do with the New York railroad.

Session 4: Personal and Global Problems
In this session we start with an exercise where we identify the primary problems that face us as individuals, problems at a societal level, and at a global level.

Session 5: Believe it or Not!
In this session we break down beliefs with some internal models of belief structures and techniques to eliminating your limiting beliefs.

Session 6: Are You Experienced?
In this session we break down beliefs with some internal models of belief structures and techniques that give you an experience of beginning to bring some of your emotional and sensory systems under control.

Session 7: An Idiot’s Guide to Being an Idiot
In this session we learn how itʼs possible to be an idiot and why your boss fits that description. Learn why 99% of the attempts to change someoneʼs mind fails, and the trick in making someone change with one of three approaches.

Session 8: Level Up
In this session we get an introduction to Graves and learn the eight main levels of the psychological map. Learn the stages that both societies, organizations, and individuals adopt as they evolve.

Session 9: Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, Staying Alive World 1 and 2
In this session we begin to get deeper explanations of the first two stages. Learn what babies have in common with the dawn of man and go through an exercise that puts you in charge of a tribe at war.

Session 10: The Master Map Condensed
In this session we get a condensed version of the stages and how they relate to each other. We also learn the secret to Ebenʼs approach to training programs and his ultimate goal.

Session 11: Keys To Learning The Levels of Success
In this session we learn a secret about success. Eben explains the learning process and the approach to getting the most out of the levels. He also shows how you might have experienced the higher levels already, without ever knowing it. Wyatt also hints at how knowing this material can help you understand your children.

Session 12: It’s Only Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll… But World 3 Likes it.
In this session we dive deeper into World 3. We also go through an exercise that puts you in the shoes of a World 3 citizen, and are faced with dealing with the issues of poverty and relationships.

Session 13: Anything Less Would be Uncivilized
In this session we get a thorough look at World 4. We get a better understanding of how our modern civilization came about. We get insights into the birth and structure to religion.

Session 14: Personal Success
In this session we open up World 5. We hear how Gene Roddenberry used the Graves model to create compelling characters and conflict in Star Trek.

Session 15: Sharing and Caring
In this session we explore World 6. At some point we all find ourselves in world 6 at some level, and Eben points out the benefits of living in this space, even if for only an exercise.

Session 16: Six Flavors of Chimp
In this session we hear a narrative of the future and how we integrate the first six stages in everyday life. We also learn about how each of the stages identify themselves, then switch from the question ʻwho am I?ʼ to ʻwhat am I?ʼ as we explore the world of the chimpanzee and itʼs social similarities to our own.

Session 17: Tier Two Time
In this session we explore the transition between Tier 1 (Worlds 1-6) and Tier 2 as we discuss the characteristics of World 7. We hear about how when tiers clash, tears can fall, especially when Wyatt criticizes a seminar goer.

Session 18: Probability and Scenarios
In this session Eben gets into scenario planning and lays down a great basic way to use it in business and beyond to help you take advantage of the future now and help you think more rationally and responsibly.

Session 19: Actualization
This session explains how the model relates to writing sales letters. Wyatt also gives some startling statistics attributed to a hundred-person model of the world.

Session 20: Future Shock
In this session the group is asked to think about the survival of the planet in the long term and discuss population control, time travel, and advanced civilizations as we do an exercise from the 8ʼs viewpoint.

Session 21: Dave Logan: Cultural Attaché
In this session Dave Logan, professor at USC, former associate dean, and author of “Tribal Leadership” and “Three Laws Of Performance” describes culture and puts various workplaces into perspective. He lays out the steps to help change the culture at a company and things to avoid when doing so. Plus we learn a simple technique to learn someoneʼs core values with only a few questions.

Session 22: Systems in Organizations and Organisms in Systems
In this session Wyatt dives down and deconstructs systems and ecology. We discover some of the pitfalls of trying to improve organizations improperly and take lessons from Frank Herbertʼs Dune

Session 23: Till Death Do Us Part
In this session we discuss the high-level concepts that will help us get to second tier. Eben runs through exercises that contemplate death and practice focusing on priorities. We also run through an exercise designed to help us let go. Wyatt also takes us through a narrative that encompasses all the stages in an embodiment of our lives and the graves model.

Session 24: Taking Control Of Your Own Evolution
In this session Eben gives an exercise that was designed as a self-scoring tool you can use to get a bead on where youʼre at in your own evolution. Then we learn a technique on how to strengthen areas you are not balanced in. We take a final look at perspectives through art, and wrap with a

Handouts: Important Exercises
As you’re going through the program, you’ll notice several spots where Wyatt has the group do exercises. Here is where you can download those exercises so you can follow along with Wyatt’s instructions. Don’t do these exercises now – just know they’re here for you when you get to those points in the program… enjoy!


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