WSO Adwords Direct Response

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WSO Adwords Direct Response

WSO Adwords Direct Response

Inside “Adwords Direct Response” I outline the exact Formula I’ve been using for over 7 years to run Profitable Adwords Campaigns and Consistently…

Convert Front-End offers at over 1% from “cold” traffic (Most experts consider breaking-even on the front end good, I don’t, all of my campaigns are profitable on the front-end)

Never pay more than $0.07 – 0.20 Cents Per Click (in competitive markets that cost up to $0.45, $1.00, $2.00 Per Click!)

Generate Click Through Rates in the 3% – 10% range for my Ads (Google considers 1% a good CTR)

“Adwords Direct Response” is split up into 3 Parts, each one teaching you an important aspect of setting up Profitable Adwords Campaigns.

Part 1: Keyword Research

This is the foundation of a profitable campaign, it all starts with the keywords you choose to bid on and how they relate to what you’re selling. In this part of the course you will learn…

How to choose Base Keywords that are likely to generate Sales and avoid the ones that will only waste money

Organizing your Keyword List into targeted Groups to insure high Click Through Rates and low Cost Per Click (proper organization can drastically increase CTR and lower CPC)

Proper Negative Keyword research that will exclude unwanted traffic from the very start of your campaigns (excluding junk traffic one of the most important factors in running a Profitable campaign)

Proper use of Google’s Keyword Tool to cultivate large positive and negative keyword lists in under an hour.

Part 2: Campaign Settings / Setup

Choosing the right settings for your campaign can mean the difference between a campaign that generates sales and one that just wastes your money. In fact, many campaigns are DOOMED from the very start just because of 1 setting being chosen incorrectly. Part 2 will teach you…

Walk you through the Campaign Setup step-by-step, and insure you choose the settings that are ideal for converting Sales Pages and generating Sales.

Break down the importance of choosing an appropriate daily budget, and starting with the right maximum click bid.

Tell you the countries you should start your campaigns in, and explain how to use Adwords geographical features to your advantage.

Part 3: Writing Ad Copy

There is a very specific formula for writing Ads that will drive traffic to a Sales Page, because the type of person you want to attract with your Ad is the type of person who is likely to buy your product. Most people believe traffic quantity is the way to go, with Sales Pages QUALITY is priority number 1. In Part 3 you will learn…

The Basic Fundamentals behind writing Ad Copy designed to drive traffic to Sales Pages, and attract the kind of traffic that generates Sales.

The type of information your Ad Copy should always include in order to put your visitor in a reading and buying mood once they get to your Sales Page.

Insuring your Ad Copy gets the highest possible Click Through Rates for the keywords it’s assigned to.

Step-By-Step instructions on setting up your Ad Groups inside Adwords and organizing them in a way that increases CTR and lowers CPC.

Basically, you’re getting step-by-step instructions with screenshots that will teach you everything from keyword research, to choosing proper settingts, to writing effective Ad Copy – All aimed at giving your Sales Page the best possible chance of converting “cold” Adwords traffic to Sales.

“Adwords Direct Response” Phase 2

Phase 2 applies the “80/20 Rule” to Adwords. It focuses on the simplest and most EFFECTIVE ways for you to improve campaign performance and profit. And once again – I keep things simple and only focus on what works for Sales Pages, explaining each strategy site-by-step and illustrating it with screenshots:

Inside “Adwords Direct Response” Phase 2 you will learn the exact formula I use to improve Campaign Performance, lower costs and improve Profits by using the hard data at my disposal once my campaigns reach 1,000 + Clicks…
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