WSO – 60 Funky PLR Articles

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WSO – 60 Funky PLR Articles

WSO – 60 Funky PLR Articles

From: Mike Peterson

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Let’s face it. You need content. You need it for article marketing,
freebies, autoresponder sequences, blog posts, and membership sites.

The list never ends.

Yet, content creation is SO TEDIOUS. You can spend hours upon
hours writing your hands off about some obscure niche…

OR you could let me take care of it all for you.

How much would you pay to save hours of your time?

Here’s what I have for you today.

It’s NOT your normal, throwaway, junky PLR.

These are 60 brand new NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED articles in 4
different niches.

These articles are hand written, researched, proofread, and spellchecked by
me personally. I’m a college-educated native English speaker, and not a
single one of these articles has ever been touched by an outsourcer.

Today I’m offering four different article packs, each in a different
DESPERATE BUYER niche. These are niches with people who have
cash in their hands and are waiting to pay YOU to find their solutions
for them.

I’m only selling 25 copies to keep the content unique, so grab your copy now
before they all disappear.

Choose the pack you want, or look below to buy all four at a

Quit Smoking – 15 articles, 6,727 words
What are the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking? – 447
Quitting smoking with a list – 505
How to quit smoking – 611
Benefits of quitting smoking – 414
Reasons to quit smoking you might not have considered – 420
Does quitting smoking increase weight? – 416
Unseen dangers of smoking – 426
How to convince a loved one to quit smoking – 469
Understanding smoking addiction – 492
What will happen after I quit smoking? – 388
Why it’s easy for some people to quit smoking – 421
How to not make yourself miserable while quitting smoking – 438
Five quick tips to stop smoking – 466
Dealing with the stress of quitting smoking – 401
Where to get help with quitting smoking – 413

$11 – That’s less than 74 cents per article!

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See a sample here:…42991bba8d.jpg

(I told you the prices were ridonkulous, didn’t I?)

Weight Loss – 15 articles, 6,241 words
Best lower ab workout – 390
How to lose 10 pounds – 385
Using a positive attitude to help lose weight – 410
Losing weight by eating 6 meals a day – 367
Three things you can do every day to lose more weight – 402
What kinds of exercises should I do for weight loss? – 362
How to lose weight when everyone around you eats junk – 490
What exactly is a healthy meal for weight loss? – 431
How to get six pack abs with ten minutes of exercise a day – 414
Getting over your mental block about weight loss – 411
Basics of weight loss – 438
Four tips for losing fat – 423
Metabolism and weight loss – 447
Why cardio is essential to losing weight – 433
Three reasons you might not be losing weight – 438

$11 – That’s less than 74 cents per article!

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Internet Marketing – 15 articles, 6,482 words
How to make money with Twitter in internet marketing – 423
An Introduction to SEO – 479
An introduction to Affiliate Marketing on the internet – 469
The basics of email marketing – 421
Why learn internet marketing – 385
How to make money right away on the internet – 415
Why you should give out free information as an internet marketer – 427
How to start a writing career online – 438
How to work from home – 430
Four tips on getting started in internet marketing – 415
Finding a niche market in Internet Marketing – 424
What can I sell in internet marketing? – 427
Why blogging is crucial in internet marketing – 426
Four ways to drive traffic as an internet marketer – 496
How to make your first information product – 407

$11 – That’s less than 74 cents per article!

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See a sample here:…7d5706eb_o.png

Relationships – 15 articles, 6,921 words
How to know if a girl likes you – 462
Top three tips on starting a conversation with a girl – 461
How to ask a girl out – 419
How to deal with rejection from a woman – 390
How to have confidence with women – 481
Why do jerks get all the women? – 453
How to approach a woman in a bar – 395
Approaching women in a supermarket – 467
How to get a girl to like you – 468
Three ways to get more girls to notice you – 564
Tips on picking up girls for the nice guy – 535
How to turn your friend into your girlfriend – 449
How to get over a breakup – 464
Four tips to help you get your ex back – 467
How to manage a long-distance relationship – 446

$11 – That’s less than 74 cents per article!
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