Write Smoking Ads

Write Smoking Ads

Write Smoking Ads

Write Smoking Ads

The MOST important thing you need to learn if you want to make a KILLING in business is…

Influence and Persuasion…
I’m Going To Take You Beneath The Surface of People’s Subconscious Minds Where the Sale Really Takes Place


“80+ Page Direct Response Copywriting Course Shows You How You Can Instantly Double The Raw Pulling Power Of Your Ads,
Emails, Sales Letters or Blog/FB Posts and Increase Sales…”

From the desk of Franco Gonzalez
Downtown Copywriting California, USA

It’s an absolute fact … success in marketing is all about effective copy-writing and if anybody tells you different, they’re trying to pull a fast one on you or they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Truth is, you can have the best product, even the best price points, and still not make any money.

If the world never hears about your product, or is not compelled to take action and buy… you simply will not make any money. The way your target market learns about your product and grows compelled to BUY is through the power of effective copywriting and the ability to write ads and posts that convert and copy that your market finds influential, timely and irresistible.

If your copy is not persuasive at the end of the day, you’re dead in the water.

There is ONLY ONE magical spell you should be seeking if you call yourself a marketer… and that is creating the ability to put words on the screen, or on paper that compel people to send you money.

It’s your ONLY security blanket in this crazy world and your ability to create interest and sales through your power in conveying ideas and explaining concepts is literally…

The Skill That NEVER Stops Giving!

There are endless ways to market and promote your products, services or business, including …

 Pay Per Click

 Ezine advertising

 Articles and Press Releases

 Classified ads

 Email advertising, Audios and Video Copy

 Blogging & Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.)

Post Cards & Direct Mail Letters

And  so much more!


And every single method above can work if your copy says the right things to the right people at the right time. It is ALL about Persuasion + Influence.


So, what’s the good news?
You have a massive opportunity…

Your competition’s “copy” is HORRIBLE.

I mean, look at it… it’s pathetic on facebook, it’s laughable on youtube and have you browsed through the roadkill they call their blogs lately? So they if you’ve known all along that their copy is pathetic, why have you been “modeling” failure like that?

Why not elevate your copywriting game and absolutely stand out?

By learning just a little bit more about effective copywriting you can CRUSH IT and open up opportunities that they just can’t… and you can do it FAST!

COPY is everything.

Even the mighty Google Adwords tells you right up front that the FIRST step in a successful ad campaign is to WRITE YOUR AD. Success is ALL about good copywriting skills.

The Game-Changing Key To Increasing Your Profits is Your Ability To Create a Compelling and Persuasive Marketing Message

Listen, I’m living proof that this is TOTALLY TRUE!

I’m NOT some wannabe “Guru” or some flashy MBA Corporate Type either…

I’m a former GRUNT Marine Corps Combat Medic and I didn’t have a clue for over 7 years about how to make money online until I learned this simple but profound secret:

Having the POWER to INFLUENCE people with words strung together in a certain way, using subtle psychology and mental triggers that make them CHOOSE to agree and jump on your crusade and vote for you with an applause of cash being sent to you daily again and again…

Learning how to do that with the power of WORDS… can set you free. It happened to me.

I left the Marine Corps… and then struck out in the phony “corporate world” (illusion) and now I’ve been making 100% of my income from home for a full THIRTEEN ( 13 ) years, playing with words on the internet and in the offline world. My friend, if a schmuck Grunt, corporate world TKO and MLM “re-tread” like me can learn this stuff and GET PAID, then you can too. I know it! 

The problem has always been that good copywriting training is THE MOST EXPENSIVE kind of training you can find. Until today…

How Much Would The Gift That NEVER
Stops Giving ( $ ) Be Worth To You?

And the one thing that can help you is a solid COPY WRITING “HOW TO” course that you can rip into and put to use within the next 60 minutes – seriously. Would that freedom be worth a measly $97 bucks?

$97 To Learn How To “Write” Money – Seriously?

No brainer, right? I mean, last time you spent $97 bucks… did it ever have the ability to return to you a never ending stream of profits?

No, right?

(be sure to take note of this next statement – it’s PROFOUND)

People blow $THOUSANDS$ in cash every single day on garbage that will never give you the ability to build a stream of income. STOP that! It’s INSANE.

Instead of blowing money and time on widgets and short term fads, “money games online” or that next great guru hope of a push button software to riches… arm yourself with the MOST IMPORTANT skill set of all and you won’t need to look for gimmicks.


And here’s the good news…

It won’t even cost you close to $97!


Even though it should cost at least 5 times that.

But it won’t. I’m literally basically giving it away. It’s a gift you’ll love.

And when you receive the UN-advertised (secret) Bonuses of additional copywriting tips, training and content you’ll receive after your purchase (worth 50 times more than the actual course is) you’re going to fall off your chair, my friend. It’ll be like receiving the content and knowledge from a $997 Copywriting Coaching Program – for…

Less than a Pizza and Cheap Beer.


Because that’s just me.

Because I LOVE Free Enterprise.


Because Free Enterprise and “OVER DELIVER” still works!


Because it’s a cool thing to offer cool people (like you).


Because – “What you give away, you always get to keep…”

Because, I’m an OBSESSED FREAK about over delivering to my customers, period.

Because I want you to be able to be one of the lucky ones who gets to see… “what’s behind door #2” – and ONLY paid customers will ever get to see the power of the value of being on my “Over Deliver MASTERMIND List” – it’s going to absolutely KNOCK YOUR SOCKS RIGHT OFF YOUR FEET…

You’re going to be completely STUNNED with the power you’ll have immediately after reading my course + all the surprise bonus content, training and audios you’ll be receiving as a “thank you” for ordering today…

After reading my Mini Crash Course, you’ll be able to uncover powerful profit-pulling secrets that you can leverage to create stunningly effective ads, sales letter headlines and sub-headlines, and email ads that can generate profits for you, day after day, again and again – and your experience level today does NOT matter.

The ability to write compelling copy is THE most powerful skill set you will EVER learn when it comes to actually making money in ANY business. In a moment, I’m going to share with you the same tactics that have been used to write consistently profitable ads… ads that have been the main cause in generating HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in the last 13 years alone.

You’ll learn how to write persuasive ads specifically for today’s savvy, cynical, and highly skeptical audiences in a way that sells with conviction, clarity and credibility.

You’ll also learn how to write powerfully compelling ads QUICKLY that attract targeted prospects and fill your marketing pipeline consistently. This is exactly what my new Mini Crash Course will teach you … in the next 45 minutes!

Learn To Write Good Copy And You Can Make A Killing!

This new Crash Course is short, with no filler material. It’s a power packed piece of knowledge designed for only ONE thing: To turn you into a SMOKIN’ Ad writing maniac in about 45 minutes from the time that you start reading page 1. What you will receive (for starters) is 80+ pages of step-by-step coaching on how write great ads in the ebook. Short enough to finish in about 45 minutes and relevant enough to use today. Once you read the course you will know how to add the power of persuasion to all your advertising.

Then as a bonus you will continue to receive copywriting mini-modules, audios and videos taking you deeper down the abyss of influence, persuasion and the power of the hypnotic written word. You keep getting mini-modules sent to you via email and you can take the concepts immediately and implement in your own marketing.

NOTE: You can use these copy skills to write blog posts, ezine solo ads, facebook promoted posts, organic posts, pay per click ads, classified ads for ezines, text banner ads, headlines for web copy, subject lines for emails, headlines + copy for post cards, magazine display and short ads, and much more. 

Use these little known techniques on facebook, twitter, and even as YouTube video scripts and outlines for google+ hangouts, it’s never ending! These are the same techniques I use every day in my online business.

As a matter of fact, by simply following the steps in my Crash Course you will create one of many compelling ads. By the time you finish the course your ads will be ready to go to work, getting more attention from targeted prospects, clicks to your blog or web site and earning more cash for you no matter where you choose to use them…

If you’re  like me you can’t stand to waste time – there’s just not enough of it to go around. So let’s shoot right to the “bottom line” and tell you what is in my course and how much it’s gonna cost you…

 * How to get your prospect’s attention in ONE second.

The #1 mistake people make when writing ads and how you can avoid it.

Understanding what your prospect is really looking for.

The importance of power words and how to use them.

* What two things you must include in every headline. Miss either one and your ad will NOT compel.

* Learn EXACTLY what to say in the body of your copy so it pulls the best response.

* Copy tricks and ad tips that only the highly paid pros know.

* Quailifiers. What are they? And how can they put ROCKET FUEL in any ad you write.

Tactics you can use to write short, compelling, powerful copy.

The single most powerful “alpha code” power psychological tactic that ONLY true copy masters know of and use – that your competitors are completely CLUELESS about…

*   And many more valuable copy nuggets of pure cash gold.

This is a  powerful Crash Course, over 80 pages, and it contains absolutely no wasted space or words… just the real  information you need to learn how to write SMOKIN ads that turn words into cash.

You can read this report in the next 45 minutes, take action on the content, and literally see immediate results in your campaigns. Or you can use what it teaches to add power to any ad you ever use in your business.

Then leverage the powerful (even more valuable) Bonus Copy + Content you’ll get as  a bonus via our MasterMind Feed of Copy + Marketing Wisdom after you order.

Either way … you win big!

This Crash Course comes (for starters) as a downloadable PDF which means you get your money pulling information INSTANTLY. You can print it out too and put it in a binder like I do. Then enjoy the ongoing bonus 100% pure content in the audios, videos and pdf “white papers” you get weekly.

Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you PRINT THIS OUT and stick it inside a three-ring binder so you can WORK IT and make it glow in the dark! Do NOT leave this sitting on your hard drive like all the others… tear this thing UP!!

Ok, look here’s the bottom line:

I’m letting you RIP OFF and STEAL the best copy tips and training from over 13 FULL YEARS of bloody battles, sweat and “crying like a baby” tears that I shed just to get my butt kicked enough to learn these tips of gold and come out the other side as a full time copy WARRIOR making booo-kooo bucks from home…

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