WordPress for Internet Marketer

WordPress for Internet Marketer

TUTORIAL: WordPress for Internet Marketer
WpqueenSize: 858MB |Sale Page: http://www.wpqueen.com/

WordPress expert lifts the lid on the Secrets you need to know to turn your WordPress site into a Moneypress!
At last, everything you ever needed to know, and more, all in one package!
If a technically and graphically challenged marketer like me can do this, so can YOU.
All you need is a book that provides you with ALL the answers not just half the story.
WordPress for Internet Marketers will teach you
* How to build a clickbank review site in minutes
* How to build a $$ pulling membership site on WordPress
* Want an Article Directory? No problem see Volume 3
* Set up an ecommerce site showing all your favorite products from CJ, Share a Sale and wherever else takes your fancy
* How to use free RSS feeds for content on your blog hate paying membership fees to RSS generators this one is for you!
* Want to be on TV? Become a video blogger get involved with the hottest medium on the net!
* Build a profitable Internet Marketing business using WordPress as your content management system


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