What’s Really In Our Food – Series 5

What's Really In Our Food - Series 5
What’s Really In Our Food – Series 5

getallcourse.COM:What’s Really In Our Food – Series 5

Authored by: Kathleen Dollard
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What’s Really In Our Food? is back with a new list of intriguing foods and meals to investigate. Each week Carolyn Robinson will be opening our fridges, freezers and pantries to uncover the real science behind the fundamental foods we eat. Carolyn discovers what’s really in our Fish and Chips, Roast Lamb, Curry, Burgers and even the good old Pie – to name just a few.

We continue to ask the questions most of us do when working through the shopping list or pulling up at the drive-through. Are takeaway burgers so full of preservatives they can’t go off? In our Salad episode, we look at the chemicals bagged salad is washed in. In a whole episode on Curry, we uncover the science behind eating it – does it really heat you up? If not, why do you sweat? In an episode on Chips and Dip, Carolyn wonders if the word natural has been taken to the extreme when she discovers beetle parts in her chips (that are supposed to be there!) Carolyn also finds out if there are any icky bits in the meat that goes into a pie or burger pattie.

If you want to know what food really does to our bodies, the fascinating Human Experiments will tell you. In the return of this popular segment, Carolyn puts some popular scientific theories to the test using brave volunteers.Will the foods we give them make them healthier, unhealthier, slower or smarter? In this series we’ll see if there’s any truth behind the age-old rumours that fish will make you smart? We find out if veges like carrots can really improve your eyesight in our most conclusive human experiment yet. In one of the show’s crueler experiments, we take a bunch of teenagers and see what ginger can do to help motion sickness.

In this series, we have more expert opinion to help us understand the latest food research. We also continue to translate the bewildering labels and chemicals listed on the back of food packaging, and conduct our own lab tests on popular products to test for nutrition and expose anything else that shouldn’t be in there.

What’s Really In Our Food? continues to debunk common myths and misunderstandings surrounding nutrition, and looks at any other health benefits or risks that could stem from the food we eat every day.

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