Weldon Long – The Power of Consistency


Weldon Long – The Power of Consistency

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The Power of Consistency program is our Signature Training Program for sales and business professionals. It is designed to solve the central problem most sales and business professionals face: implementing their sales and business development processes. Most sales and business professionals know what to do – they simply are not doing it. This powerful program teaches and inspires you to do those things on a consistent basis, which will dramatically improve sales and business performance.

By teaching and inspiring sales and business professionals to fully implement their sales strategies, dramatically improved sales performance is inevitable and immediate!

The Power of Consistency DVD/CD program and workbook teaches Weldon Long’s proven four-step FEAR process, which is designed to immediately and dramatically improve sales and business performance.

The four-step program is based on the FEAR process that has improved sales and business results for thousands of sales and business professionals across the country:

Emotional Commitment

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