Weekly Trading Examples 2013 – Vic Noble

Weekly Trading Examples 2013 - Vic Noble

Weekly Trading Examples 2013 – Vic Noble

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Vic Noble is one of the coaches at ForexMentor. He is responsible for putting together a good bunch of the courses offered at this site either on his own or with the help of other coaches or former Forexmentor members. His trading is mainly based on support and resistance and market flow. His ideas on trading are very simple and effective which he successfully shares due to very good communication skills.

After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commerce, Vic became vice-president of a family run sawmill in Vancouver that employed 200 people.

In 1988 the sawmill was sold and he then became the chief pilot and operations manager of a helicopter charter operation, which he ran until the later 1990’s, after which he devoted full time to trading.

Up until the early fall of 2005 he was employed by a large futures brokerage house in Vancouver, and has since left that job to concentrate exclusively on trading foreign exchange for his own account, and most importantly to help others find success in trading.

Vic has always maintained a passion for trading and as a result of his years in the brokerage business was able to gain unique insights into the habits of both successful and unsuccessful traders. It was the unsuccessful traders that really challenged Vic to want to make a difference, and so to that end he has now embarked upon a strategic relationship with Forexmentor.com with the sole purpose of helping people develop successful trading habits.

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