Week PLR

Week PLR

Week PLR

From the desk of JayKay Bak
Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dear Time Strapped Marketer,

If you have been around Internet Marketing for a while, let alone had some success at it, you likely already know or are beginning to sense the core “secret to success online”.

If you are new to all this, you are about to be given a seat at the front of the advanced class.

At some point we all wondered the same thing to ourselves, “How do they do it?”… “Just how in the heck do they make so much money online?”

I’ll tell you the secret right now… no holds barred… no punches pulled:

They create and sell their own products, again, and again, and again.

Anti-climatic for you?

Were you hoping for some miracle revelation that you thought was being kept hidden from you for all this time — a revelation which might change your life?

Well… guess what… this “secret” CAN change your life. And I mean DRAMATICALLY!

No more waiting for commission checks… You get paid instantly on your sales…

Limited competition… You made it = you control the distribution, even exclusively…

Develop your own image and reputation… Become the guru yourself…

Build a sales army to work for you… Duplicate your effort letting others do the selling work while you collect the money…

And Much Much More! … Creating and selling your own products TRULY gives you the opportunity to be master of your destiny…

You get to enjoy 100% of the benefits, almost INSTANTLY, and it grows with each and every sale you make.

So what holds people back? Lots of reasons, but most of them are people limiting themselves at the heart of it. Time consuming, expensive, blah blah, etc, etc… Things like…

“OK, sure, having my own products sounds like a great way to make some cash online… but isn’t it time consuming, expensive, or both?”

… or…

Maybe you’re thinking that you don’t have the expertise to create your own product — perhaps you don’t “know something” about any topic that people would want to buy?

Sound familiar?

Well… you’re partially correct. Creating even digitally down-loadable ebook products could take you MONTHS… between researching the topic, writing the 40-60 page ebook, writing the copy, assembling the sales pages, thank you pages, download pages, and all that…

And of course hiring this all out could be VERY pricey. I personally have paid four and even five figures to have my own products created.

So… HOW do you rapidly and repeatedly create your own quality products that people WANT to buy — with all these barriers in your way?

Simple — and hear me loud and clear on this please — you may not even know it — but you’re just 3 simple letters away from success right now…
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