Video Genesis

Video Genesis

Video Genesis

What Bosses & Cuzins Get:

Full Instant Access to The Video Genesis Training Portal With 100+ In-depth Training Videos
Production Gear Module. (The Geeky Stuff) We cover the Camera, Microphone, Headsets and we let you know everything we use and how most of this can be done with what you already own, like a smartphone, and USB Headset.
The Visual Module. In these modules we cover how to make your videos look great and we even cover how to make them sound great too. Without knowing this, your sales could actually convert worse than you know.
The 13 Styles of Video. Learn every type of marketing video and learn what type of video to use with what type of landing page or sales page.
Learn Talking Head, Whiteboard, Doodle, Animation, Presentation, Software Demo, Fly on the Wall, Interview, Google Hangouts, Apple’s “Hippie Style” Direct to Camera, Story Style and more.
Know which of these to use and which NOT to use depending on your landing page, squeeze page, webinar registration page, or sales page is very important. Using the wrong page could kill conversions. Using the right one can boost sales.
The Hero Module. (The Video Sales Copy Module) – In this module we teach to how to “Get the Money” without selling using the Tripple T Method. Good looking video is just the start. Having a template and a formula to get your message right everytime, without fail, no exceptions. that is what this module is for. We decided to create this module after your comments during our launch.

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