Victor Frankl

Victor Frankl

Victor Frankl

Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of “Man’s Search for Meaning”: these words evoke a wide range of emotions in all those who have ever come in touch with the man or his work.

Frankl is rightly regarded as one of the greatest minds of our time and as one of the greatest men of our time. He gave the world new scientific theories, creating outstanding contributions to psychiatry, psychology and neurology, while he helped us find our soul, our meaning , our purpose, our place in the world.

Alexander Vesely, grandson of Viktor Frankl, coined the phrase “Pioneer of Meaning” for his famous grandfather. For the past three years Alex traveled the world over to interview friends and colleagues to record their perspectives on how Viktor Frankl lived his theories.

The result is this fascinating documentary, showing Frankl as he was seen by students and peers, friends and relatives, acquaintances both professional and private. We can witness a variety of encounters and anecdotes from funny to profound, from sentimental to inspiring – but always full of insight into a most human, and humane, personality.

This is a film about a man with a sharp mind and a warm heart, who loved life, family and people, loved learning, healing and teaching, and enjoyed humor – all in the face of and in spite of tremendous personal suffering.

Everyone loves a hero, and though Dr. Frankl would undoubtedly have objected to this characterization, to many he is just that.

Bonuses: courtesy of user NeilStrauss:

1. Books in several formats, download what is most suitable for you

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Franklian Psychology and Christian Spiritual Formation
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Man’s Seach for Meaning (book)
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Recollections-An Autobiography
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The Last Freedom
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2. Man;s Search for Meaning – in MP3 format

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