V.A. – The Detox Summit

V.A. - The Detox Summit

V.A. – The Detox Summit

The Detox Summit
Do You Know How to Stay CLEAN in a TOXIC World?

“Detox” is a term that means many things to people, from drug and alcohol detoxification to nutritional detoxification, or cleanses using food, smoothies and juices. The Detox Summit brings 30 experts together to discuss all aspects of detoxification to help you return to a healthy state of wellness.

Did you know? Chronic conditions (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity) may be associated with environmental toxins in the body, which is why this summit is important for: Consumers/Patients, Self-help Experts, Physicians, Practitioners, Researchers, Nutritionists, Nurses, Dietitians



DAY ONE Speakers:

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Father of Functional Medicine, Author
The Biochemistry and History of Detoxification
* History of detoxification
* Detailed description of how the body eliminates toxins, especially through the liver
How nutrients improve detoxification processes

Mark Hyman, MD, Best-selling Author, Functional Medicine Expert
metabolic Disturbances and Detox
* Relationship between chronic disease and toxicity: “Diabesity”
* Health effects of toxins like sugar and food chemicals
* Power of a detox to promote health and healing

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM, Best-selling Author, Renowned Neurologist Brain Health Expert
Toxicity and Brain Function
* Relationship between diet and brain health
* Why carbohydrates, especially sugars, are toxic to the brain
* Why the type of fat you eat is so important for health and detox

Alejandro Junger, MD, Best-selling Author and Founder of the Clean Program
The Many Approaches to Detox and Coming Clean
* The necessity of detox for health
* Why detox needs to be personalized to the individual
* Juicing vs. food vs. supplements for detox

DAY 2: Toxins in pregnancy and children’s health!

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Pediatric Neurologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston
* Autism and Detox
* Toxic exposures of all types and their effect on the brain
* The emerging connection between autism and toxicity in pregnancy
* Overcoming chemical burden in the unborn and children

Elson Haas, MD, Practicing Physician of Integrated Family Medicine, “Father of Clinical Detoxification”, Author
* Staying Healthy With Nutrition and Detox
* Incorporating traditional medicine approaches into a nutritional, biochemical detoxification
* The importance of following the cycles of nature, seasons and the body’s rhythm in detox and healing
* How to personalize a detoxification by becoming aware of the body’s needs

Soram Khalsa, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine
The Environment is Toxic and It’s Making Us Toxic: Epigenetic Influences
* Sources of toxicity in our daily environment: Focus on the home and food
* Importance of detox before conception and pregnancy
* Keeping our children free of toxins by taking everyday precautions in our environment

Kelly Brogan, MD, Boarded in Psychiatry/Psychosomatic Medicine/Reproductive Psychiatry and Integrative Holistic Medicine
* Toxicity and Impact in Women and Children’s Health
* How women can take precautions to become less toxic
* Dangers of inflammation to mother, fetus and child
* Top recommendations for cleaning up the womb

DAY 3: How to measure toxins in your body!

Kara Fitzgerald, ND, Faculty at the Institute for Functional Medicine; Private practice in Sandy Hook, Connecticut — Labs to Assess Toxin Load
* Best labs to assess your exposure to heavy metals and other environmental toxins
* Tests you can ask your doctor to run to see if you are toxic
* Compelling clinical pearls on how to address heavy metal and environmental toxicity

DAY 4: Are you eating toxic foods?

David Wolfe, Masters in Nutrition, Health, Eco, Nutrition; Natural Beauty Expert
Nature’s Solution to Toxicity is Food
* Epigenetics of eating and connection to health
* Super foods for detox
* Impact your immune system through medicinal mushrooms

Jeffrey Smith, Author, Filmmaker, Executive Director
GMOs as Food Toxins
* Why GMOs are toxic to the body
* How to avoid GMOs in your food choices
* How to eat a low-GMO diet

DAY 5: Can emotions, thoughts and beliefs be toxic?

Marci Shimoff, Best-selling Author
Detoxing and Happiness: How to Raise Your Current Happines

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