Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits – Dan Kennedy

Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits - Dan Kennedy

Unlocking the Secrets to Maximum Direct Mail Profits – Dan Kennedy

Author: Dan Kennedy
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Here’s What the “Unlocking the Secrets to MAXIMUM DIRECT MAIL Profits NOW” Home Study Course is all about:

1. Opportunity: I GUARANTEE you will discover at least one opportunity to profit from this course (probably more than one). You?ll discover at least one thing that you?re not doing, that you should start doing to get better results. Armed with these insights, you?ll also start thinking differently about your customers, prospects, and your marketing.
2. Recession Combat: When you apply the information presented in this course, you?ll be much more EFFICIENT at investing your marketing dollars and consistently getting profitable results.
3. The NEW Economy: Consumers are becoming more discerning, thoughtful and increasingly resistant to irrelevant, common, unessential marketing messages. This is all about unlocking the secrets of DIRECT MAIL that make your marketing message relevant, extraordinary, and important.
4. The POWER of Lists: It?s not rocket science but using lists can be complicated, confusing, and frustrating (especially to those who don?t use them regularly). When you hear what I have to share about lists, list selection, and list segmentation, you?ll ?see the light?. You?ll have a better appreciation for lists, more motivation to use them, and you?ll know how to use them more effectively than 99% of marketers.
With full, in-depth understanding of ALL the puzzle-pieces including lists, list selection, list segmentation and smart use of your lists, you will gain ENORMOUS LEVERAGE – so you can make each marketing dollar do the work of ten. This home study course was designed so you can take a quantum leap in understanding in sophistication, in skill, in confidence and in super-profitable use of DIRECT MAIL.

BILL GLAZER and I have this in common. His greatest advantage over all his competitors in his past life in retail – the advantage that vanquished even giant brand-name competitors – was his brilliant use of DIRECT MAIL. My advantage in every business I’ve ever been involved in, including the speaking business… which I used to build a giant annuity, a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar business NOT dependent on ever-continuing manual labor while many famous speakers have wound up working for 20, 30, 40 years with no equity to show for it, still in need of their next gig…was DIRECT MAIL. And the advantage you NEED NOW to triumph in the toughest economic environment battled with in more than 20 years is – I assure you – making the best possible use of DIRECT MAIL. That is what we have put together for you in this detailed home study course, and you dare not, must not, cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to learn from to masters of DIRECT MAIL. (One other thing Bill and I have in common: bluntly, unabashedly, we are both rich, and these two commonalities are not coincidence.)

In this ground-breaking home study course, you will get behind closed doors of a number of businesses – those owned by Glazer-Kennedy Members and ‘outsiders’ – that rely on DIRECT MAIL, and use it more intelligently and profitably than you can imagine. You will learn to do in-depth, ingenious analysis of your customers and information about them, in order to better apply the single most important and powerful moneymaking strategy I teach (of all that I teach) to:

* GROW your business even in the tough economy (You can put yourself in the “income-at-will” position. Trust me. It’s a GREAT position to be in.)
* Much MORE EFFECTIVELY ATTRACT ideal customers (Most marketers are happy to attract anybody with a pulse and that’s just plain dumb. Wouldn’t it be better to attract only those who want to deal with you on your terms? I’ll show you how to do it.)
* Attract more AFFLUENT CUSTOMERS if you so desire (Obviously affluent customers spend more money and are the least and last affected by economic turbulence. Why not sell to them?)
* And of equal or greater importance, extract a great deal more patronage and profit from your past and present customers and accumulated/unconverted leads through list division and better list use.

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