Unlock Your Earning Power

 Unlock Your Earning Power

Unlock Your Earning Power


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Are you earning enough to live the life you want? Are you earning what you’re really worth?
Are you struggling to make the kind of money you deserve?
Are you tired of working hard and still earning below your potential?
Do you feel that if you earned more, life would be easier?
Or do you simply know that if you unlocked your earning power, you’d have even more money to enjoy life and save for the future?
If you answered yes, you are so not alone—and you’ve come to the right place for help.

Mikelann Valterra’s Unlock Your Earning Power
11 steps to conquer underearning and step into the prosperity you truly deserve
(12 40-minute audios and 98 page companion workbook)
Years ago, I struggled with how to earn my worth. When I entered the workforce, I worked very, very hard. But I didn’t earn what I could have…

I didn’t know how much to ask for when I got my first job, or subsequent jobs. And I was uncomfortable asking for a raise and didn’t know how much to ask for. When I had my own clients, I was uncertain what to charge them and worried terribly about raising their fees.

Looking back, I had no idea I was “underearning”. And I certainly didn’t realize my financial expectations were set so low.

But I did get to the point where I resented how hard I worked for the money that I brought in.
I worried that if I asked for more, my boss would balk, or it would harm our relationship. I worried my clients would leave if I charged too much money.

I didn’t think of myself as having low self-esteem. But sometimes it didn’t even occur to me that I could earn more. And truthfully, I had some conflicting feelings about wealthy people and those who earned what I thought was a lot of money.

Mostly, I just worked hard, was really good at what I did, and just assumed that I would be noticed and somehow rewarded for my work.
I didn’t realize I was maintaining my financial status quo. But I was definitely getting tired of not having enough money….

What about you?
Over the years, I began to study women and money, and “underearning” in particular. Slowly I began to understand the emotional and psychological connections behind why women undersell themselves. I realized that most women struggled with the same issues as me.

I realized that we women almost always sell ourselves short when it comes to asking for what we deserve.
In 2004, I wrote and published Why Women Earn Less: How to Make What You’re Really Worth (Career Press). This book looks at the psychological reasons behind why women undersell themselves (and often don’t realize it!) as well as gives them practical advice. Over the last few years, this book as been translated internationally, from Chinese to Korean, to Hebrew!

I’ve realized what a cord I struck. We must earn more. We must start earning at our potential.

We must take care of ourselves. What if we went from surviving to thriving?
Are underearning issues keeping you from reaching your goals and enjoying your life more fully?

Basically, underearning is the pattern of earning less money than you need. More specially, underearning is the pattern of earning below your potential.

It’s not about under-working or underachieving. Underearners work very hard and may achieve great things for their employers and clients. But their earnings don’t match how hard they work and what they achieve.

Underearning saps your energy. When you underearn, you earn less than you need to enjoy your life and fear not having enough in the future. And eventually you start to resent your work.

Thousand of well trained, qualified successful professionals like you are underearning and struggling to earn their true worth.
Why? Because they were never shown the underlying reasons why they undersell themselves. And because they were never taught how to ask for what they want in a practical and realistic way.

So they continue working hard and not earning what they could earn.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.
After spending more than a decade helping women transform their relationship to money and unlock their true earning potential, I’ve created the program I always wanted.

Mikelann Valterra’s Unlock Your Earning Power

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