Understanding Men

Understanding Men

Understanding Men

Understanding Men

Name Product: Understanding Men

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Do You Know What the Collection of Unspoken yet Universal Feelings, Desires & Fears is Inside of Every Man? If You Don’t, How Would You Ever Become THE Woman to Get Through to Him?

You Are About to Have a “Behind The Ropes” View of What Goes On Inside A Man’s Mind, What He Really Wants From You but Can’t Voice, and What Kind Of Woman He Wants You to Be So that He Will Fall In Love With You…

Dear Lovely Friend and Special Soul…

It’s D. Shen & Renee from Shen Wade Media.

I want to start off by saying…

Knowledge is POWER.

The More Knowledge You Have in Men, The More Power You Will Have With Men.

The less knowledge you have in men, the more confusion, more frustration and PAIN you will have with men.

I don’t say this because I want you to feel pain in your life and relationships, I say it because it’s the truth, and I don’t want to keep you from the truth.

The women who get left, who get dumped, who get cheated on, or abused, are the women whom understand men THE LEAST.

Now it may sound like I’m defending men here, but I’m not.

These women simply failed to understand what will trigger a man to care, to love, to be faithful, to be loyal and to feel attraction towards them.

As a result, these women get PAIN, they get humiliation, they get low self esteem, confusion and a sense of abandonment.

By the way, this may have already happened to you. (I’m sorry to hear it if it has already happened to you.) And if it hasn’t, guess what? You are not immune unless you read through what I have to tell you…

I want to warn you of this cycle of pain, and help you move away from it.

You see, this cycle of pain happens again and again to women who are beautiful, and women who are average looking, women who are very well educated and intelligent, and women who are less educated.

In fact, the only way to immunize yourself against this, is through having the deep understanding of how a man thinks, feels and behaves. You must understand how the male brain works, what makes him tick and what makes him irritated, what makes him feel desire and what makes him run away.

When you gain this critical understanding, then you will gain the power to influence a man’s thinking, his feelings and decisions.

Remember, knowledge is power. In-depth knowledge in men, means having tremendous power with men. Plus, any man would be over the moon to find a woman who actually “understands” him, as opposed to the hordes of women whom have not the first clue about men.

Have you ever done something that was seemingly harmless, and then suddenly he has a knee-jerk reaction as if you’d just destroyed everything you ever had with this man?

I know I certainly have in the past, and it feels horrible inside. (You don’t need to feel guilty about it.)

And worst of all, I just couldn’t figure out why it happened, and I’m sure you can relate to me here. Perhaps you’ve done something that made a man have a “bad” reaction… For example:

You’ve tried to be “honest with him” by telling him how you feel… (and suddenly he “disappears”?)

You’ve avoided talking to him about big issues like moving in together or marriage…(because you learnt not to tread on dangerous grounds…)

You’ve “tried” to build up your self esteem… (because you don’t feel confident in front of your man or men in general)

You’ve tried to “play it cool” with a man, (and it has… backfired?)

You’ve told him that you are here for him if he wants to open up about any problems.

You’ve tried to solve his emotional problems for him… (This is a very dangerous one indeed!)

You’ve tried to reassure a man by telling him you guys will work it out.

Perhaps you’ve even tried to cut off sex with him.

Look, here’s the cold truth… men react in those situations, not because he hates you or dislikes what he has with you, it’s because men have multiple inherent fears when it comes to women, dating & relationships.

And trust me, these inherent fears are different to your own fears as a woman. So it would be very difficult for you to relate to them, and for most women, they never even start to understand a man’s deepest fears.

You see, men and women are hardwired completely differently. It’s not a rumor, it’s not a myth, it’s a scientifically proven FACT.

When Dr. John Gray wrote his book, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, he’s really trying to point out the huge hardwired differences between men and women.

It’s literally like chalk and cheese.

And if you want to have a man love you, adore you and worship you… then you better have a deep and detailed understanding of how a man’s brain works. (And this is what I’m here to help you with)

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