Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis – Steve G. Jones

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Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis - Steve G. Jones

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis – Steve G. Jones

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Super-Educated, Hypnotist To The Stars Reveals The Mind-Blowing Secret Techniques That Enable You To Control Virtually Every Move and Decision That Others Make By Simply Talking To Them!

Now Even The Thoughts Of Other People Can Be Orchestrated To Meet Your Every Desire With Nothing More Than Mere Words!

This Intoxicating Potion Of Persuasion Can Be Used At Any Given Moment To Entrance the Likes Of Anyone Into Giving You Exactly What You Want!

Discover How And Why Some People Have Their Every Wish Granted By Doing Nothing But Speaking…While Others Work Themselves To The Bone Only To Wind Up Broke, Unhappy And Lonely.


The time has come to unlock the natural ability within you to:

Master the art of negotiation
Have those you desire chasing after you
Land your dream job
Have a name synonymous with respect
Banish the thought of rejection
Get your well-deserved raise
Never be taken advantage of again

Get anyone to do just about anything you want them to do; when you want them to do it

This course will serve as your personal potion of influence.  Learn to live a life and state of pure dominance at all times!

Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis includes 18+ hours of recorded sessions, which include:

-Persuasion Through Texting – With just the touch of a finger, you can now begin influencing people through one of the most popular methods of communication in todays World.

-E-mail Persuasion – Use the Internet to put people under your spell.

-Mind Control through Phone Conversations – Your next subject of influence is now just a phone call away.

-Anchoring people to you – This powerful technique, which reminds us of Pavlovs experiments, is sure to bring people to you like a dog to a bone.

-Anchoring yourself to success – Become one of those who just seems to a be success magnet.

-Building rapport – A priceless resource, rapport is the one element essential to influence.

-Advanced Rapport Building – In this stage, you will learn how to entrance perfect strangers and even your worst enemies, simply because they TRUST you.

-Mirroring – By doing what others do while you talk to them, you will establish mega-rapport!

-Leading – After establishing mega-rapport through mirroring, you can then lead them to do as you please!

-Pattern Interrupt Technique I – Want a quick way to change someone’s thinking? This technique will do that and more!

-Pattern Interrupt Technique II – Yet another way to change someone’s thinking in an instant.

-Pattern Interrupt Technique III – As if two techniques are not enough, here is a third that is even faster and easier than the first two!
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