Udemy – Coding for Entrepreneurs

Udemy - Coding for Entrepreneurs

Udemy – Coding for Entrepreneurs

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what’s in the course?
Over 71 lectures and 6 hours of content!

Learn the fundamentals of programming as it applies to entrepreneurship
Learn the Python Programming Language
Learn the Django & Twitter Bootstrap frameworks
Learn how to use APIs
Learn how to accept payments via Stripe

Course requirements:
You don’t already know how to program/code
You have a computer that was made after 2006
You have a strong willingness to get through the tough parts

Who Should Attend?
The “non-technical” cofounder
A solo Entrepreneur who is building a web project
Anyone who wants to solve problems through technology


“Only if I could program…” It’s a story a lot of us tell, I know I did. You’ve decided you want to learn and you got some advice from a friend on where to start. Instead of picking a technology you jumped around maybe choosing PHP or Javascript or Ruby or iOS or JQuery or Java or C++ or C# or R or…
Fact is, you need just need to understand one language. So pick one and move forward with it.

I believe Python is the best language for newbies because it matches most with the English language. Which looks cleaner and eaiser to you:



<?phpecho rand(5, 15);?>
Python wins. What do you think PHP looks like after things get more complex? Google it.

Which looks easier to understand and which is easier to type?

Project Based Learning

You will learn the basics better by seeing them in action in a real project. The point of this class is to teach you REAL projects that you can actually use in real life. Project #1: Building an eCommerce site. This project will take you at least 3 hours to watch with me… but it won’t stop there. You will use these videos as reference when you actually build it yourself.

Here’s how it will go:
Watch me do it, pause video, try it yourself, get it wrong, watch me again, get it right.

Months later… Ah shoot, how do I do a add south to a new app? Re-watch the video and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll remember.

Unlike typical college or high school classes… no need to take notes or try to remember “it all” because once you’re a student, you’re never not a student. That is, the class material will never “expire” or run out. In fact, the material should only improve as more of you use it. There will always be a finite amount of material but it’s look at it as an interactive encyclopedia that will act as brain food when you enviably get stuck on a project… not to mention the teacher (me) would be able to give you helpful tips when you do get stuck.
This class is Project-Based, Video Screencasts. Watch my moves until they become your moves. I have made it mainly for any non-technical entrepreneur (or soon to be entrepreneur) but really the concepts are universal to programming in Python and could be applied for other non-business-y projects.
1. In “Section 2 – Get your system ready”, after the file “Lecture 10 – Check MySQL is Installed.mp4”, there is one new 30 second lecture which is “Lecture 11 – Shortcut for using MySQL “. So all the files afterwards has to be renamed. Such as Previous “Lecture 11 – Download Comodo Edit.mp4” now becomes “Lecture 12 – Download Comodo Edit.mp4”, previous “Lecture 12 – Install South.mp4” has now become “Lecture 13 – Install South.mp4” and so on.
2. “Section 8 – Extras” is now “Section 4 – Extras” hence the only lecture file containing this folder becomes “Lecture 18 – coe-student-only-deals”
3. Previously “Section 4 – First Steps with Django” now “Section 5 – First Steps with Django” and so on.
4. Major upgrade has been done in “Section 6 – E-Commerce Project”. 13 New lectures has been added to this section.
5. For a better understanding of the current file and folder arrangement

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