TV MBA Introduction Books Summaries

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TV MBA Introduction Books Summaries

TV MBA Introduction Books Summaries

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Summary written by: Davey Moyers

“Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner. Unlike many other business books, this book does not require any prior business knowledge or experience.”

The Personal MBA, page 3

The majority of business books published today are topical in nature and content. They deal with a single discipline within the total business framework. This is great if you are looking to educate yourself in a specific body of knowledge or you are looking to increase your exposure to a given discipline. What if you want a total emersion in the main disciplines—an exposure to the total body of knowledge? What then? Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business provides us with the opportunity to review each of the main business disciplines in relationship to the whole of business. We can think of this book as a complete foundational introduction to the world of commerce.

Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA is about pushing the curtain back on business and exposing what you can expect. Josh wrote this book for those new to business, but there are concepts in this book that any seasoned business person will find useful. Josh’s book and associated website: were started as a project to see if we could get a world-class business education by reading a carefully culled selection of business books. The history behind The Personal MBA is a fascinating story and well documented in chapter one where he discusses how the project came about and developed.

The biggest obstacle to implementing a self-study reading plan is having a starting point and recommended reading list that expands on a foundation. That’s the value of Josh’s book. We get the foundation and a reading list that expands that foundation. The Personal MBAtakes us through the hard and soft side of business. Since a sound vocabulary is important in understanding business principles and concepts, Josh has done us solid by introducing major principles and concepts that side-step jargon with clear and concise definitions and examples.

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