Tutsplust – Effective Navigation Development


Tutorial: Tutsplust – Effective Navigation Development

Instructor: Craig Campbell|Runtime: ~ 4 hours|Released: April 3, 2013
Video Format: MP4|Resolution: 1280×720|Size: 2.94 GB
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In a previous course, Craig Campbell taught us how to design effective navigation elements for our web sites. And if you followed along with that course wondering how you could build each design, well now is your chance to learn how as Craig will take all three of those designs and develop them into fully functional navigation bars!

Course Outline
Welcome — 3m 48s
Course Overview — 3m 48s
Project 1: Simple Navigation Menu — 1h 25m 44s
Coding the HTML — 11m 20s
Normalizing Browser Styles — 3m 52s
CSS For the Content Layout — 7m 42s
Styling the Nav Text — 10m 16s
Button Layout — 8m 8s
Menu Background and Borders — 9m 18s
Expanding Link Boundaries — 8m 58s
Hover States — 3m 38s
Marking Up the Drop Downs — 5m 2s
Styling the Drop Down Menus — 8m 56s
Making the Drop Downs Work — 8m 34s
Project 2: Image-based Navigation — 1h 14m 42s
Slicing Up the Images — 13m 12s
Coding the HTML — 7m 38s
Styling the Content Layout — 3m 18s
Styling the Nav Text — 5m 8s
Button Backgrounds — 7m 38s
Social Media Buttons — 8m 32s
Finishing the Header — 7m 26s
Hover States — 8m 28s
Designing the Drop Down Menus — 8m 48s
Functional Drop Down Menus — 4m 34s
Project 3: Vertical Navigation With Jquery — 1h 5m 20s
Preparing the Images — 11m 26s
Coding the Navigation — 5m 44s
Laying Out the Page — 4m
Styling the Drop Down Text — 4m 28s
Swapping Text for Images — 11m 52s
Hover States — 7m 4s
Styling the Drop Down Menus — 7m 54s
Inserting jQuery — 6m 26s
Animated Drop Downs with jQuery — 6m 26s
Finishing Up — 2m 8s
Final Thoughts — 2m 8s

[url=http://rapidgator.net/file/57938c4eff3c4218038c93c99b0cd8b1/Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part1.rar.html]Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part1.rar[/url] [url=http://rapidgator.net/file/6536c8ab94a5d0bffe2ccd0cdb22d326/Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part2.rar.html]Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part2.rar[/url] [url=http://rapidgator.net/file/b56758f727ffe4602146dc77267c72f0/Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part3.rar.html]Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part3.rar[/url] [url=http://rapidgator.net/file/0e6ab1c279af2df111495fd740f1fe76/Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part4.rar.html]Tutsplust_Effective_Navigation_Development.part4.rar[/url] DOWNLOAD WITH EXTABIT
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http://extabit.com/file/279m2vghukoou/Tutsplust Effective Navigation Development.part2.rar
http://extabit.com/file/279m2vghukoji/Tutsplust Effective Navigation Development.part4.rar

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