TutsPlus – Running a Freelance Design Business (Premium Course)

Running a Freelance Design Business (Premium Course)

TutsPlus – Running a Freelance Design Business (Premium Course)
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Interested in working for yourself, but not sure what freelancing as a designer is like? We’ve got you covered. In this introductory course, Ben Gribbin introduces you to the world of freelancing and gives specific tips for designers. Ben draws on experience from running his own freelance business to tackle the tricky fundamentals of setting up your own business and selling your design skills to clients. He’ll break down the nuts and bolts of making the jump in order to get you started on the right track.

Released: December 2012
Introduction 2m 53s
Introduction 2m 53s
Getting Started 54m 34s
Full Time or Part Time 8m 55s
Before you start freelancing 7m 5s
Legalizing & Paper work 4m 33s
Business Plans 5m 19s
Your office – where? 16m 40s
Work schedule 6m 58s
Making the jump 5m 4s
Business Basics 2h 24m 4s
Branding for Freelancers 11m 34s
Marketing for Freelancers 9m 34s
Creating a portfolio 12m 58s
Managing your money 17m 57s
Rates 13m 3s
Services you’ll offer 3m 55s
Making a name for yourself 6m 32s
Procrastination & getting used to being self-employed 7m 41s
Finding your first client 9m 31s
Selling yourself and winning the contract 6m 33s
Contracts 10m 36s
Invoicing 5m 49s
Carrying out the work 6m 16s
Handling client meetings 12m 31s
Communication 9m 34s
Growing Your Business 33m 8s
Improving your skills 8m 37s
Finding repeat and regular clients 8m 59s
Increasing your business income and size 6m 28s
Hitting the right work balance 5m 4s
Customer Service 4m
Conclusion 3m 59s

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