TutsPlus – Landing Page Design Principles

TutsPlus – Landing Page Design Principles

TutsPlus – Landing Page Design Principles

TutsPlus – Landing Page Design Principles

Size: 763 MB
COST: $15
Sale Page: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/courses/landing-page-design-principles

As a web designer, I’m sure you’ve had to design a landing page at some point. If you haven’t, you will. So why not get a head start and learn the essentials of landing page design? This course will teach you what a landing page is, what structure it might typically have, and how you should design it for best results.

1.Introduction3 lessons, 12:54
1.2What Is a Landing Page?07:53
1.3What a Landing Page Isn’t03:42

2.The Landing Page Structure4 lessons, 17:28
2.1The Main Statement03:14
2.2The Images, Videos and Benefits06:16
2.3The Social Proof04:18
2.4The Call-to-Action03:40

3.The Conversion7 lessons, 24:05
3.1What Is Conversion?02:18
3.2Extra Traffic vs. Better Optimisation04:48
3.3Message Matching and Freebies06:01
3.4A Simple Layout, Strong Statement, and Call-to-Action03:02
3.5Things to Avoid02:44
3.6Post-Conversion Techniques02:51
3.7A/B Testing02:21

4.The Design7 lessons, 59:35
4.1Let’s Build Some Wireframes13:26
4.2Assets: The Colours04:34
4.3Assets: The Typography and Button Styles06:16
4.4The Header and Call-to-Action11:29
4.5The Benefits06:41
4.6The Team and Secondary Call-to-Action07:03
4.7The Reviews, Footer, and Thank You Window10:06

5.Conclusion1 lesson, 01:37
5.1Final Words01:37

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