Tutsplus – CSS3 Essentials by Jeffrey Way

Tutsplus – CSS3 Essentials

In this course, we’ll cover the essentials of what you absolutely must know about CSS3. This means we’ll review the basics, like border-radius and box-shadow; but, we’ll also work our way up to more advanced techniques, such as using animations to add flair to your designs.

Instructor: Jeffrey Way
Runtime: ~ 2 hours 48 mins
Released: October 4, 2012
Video Format: MOV
Resolution: 1280×800
Size: 777 MB
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Course Outline
The Basics — 51m 28s
Course Introduction — 53s
Border-Radius — 4m 53s
Box-Shadow — 6m 33s
Prefixr — 3m 12s
Text-Shadow — 3m 43s
Gradients — 10m 39s
Columns — 4m 52s
An Introduction to Media Queries — 6m 24s
Transition Basics — 4m 45s
Custom Fonts with @font-face — 5m 34s

CSS Selectors — 22m 27s
Selector Basics — 6m 48s
Adjacent Selectors — 2m 32s
Sibling Combinators — 2m 24s
Attribute Selectors — 6m 39s
First-Line and First-Letter — 4m 4s

Transformations — 43m 56s
Transformations 101 — 3m 50s
Build a 3D Flipping Card — 14m 48s
Advanced Shadows and CSS Counters — 5m 50s
Sequential Animations and Image Captions — 19m 28s

Advanced Topics and Projects — 42m 11s
Repeating Gradients and Shuffled Paper — 16m 35s
Create a CSS-Only Slider – Part 1 — 9m 2s
Create a CSS-Only Slider – Part 2 — 15m 52s
Course Exit — 42s




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