Tutsplus – Banner Design in Photoshop

Tutsplus – Banner Design in Photoshop

Tutsplus – Banner Design in Photoshop

We’ve all seen banners on the Internet; they’re more common than pictures of cats with bread on their heads. If you’re a designer and you’ve been tasked with creating a banner, there’s a lot more too it than just throwing a few elements into place. Your banner has to be effective, accomplish the task at hand and look good. Gary Simon has all the details on how to make the perfect banner, and he’ll walk you through it in this course. Soon you’ll be making powerful banners in no time flat!

Instructor: Gary Simon
Runtime: ~ 2 hours
Released: April 23, 2013
Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720
Size: 190 MB

Course Outline
Banner Design In Photoshop — 1h 38m 16s
Introduction — 2m 42s
What is Effective Banner Design? — 4m 8s
Preparing the Photoshop Document — 13m 8s
Designing the Base Banner — 13m 40s
Replicating the Banner Set — 25m 38s
Split Testing Banner Design — 9m 32s
Exporting Static Banners — 5m 18s
Animating our Banner Set — 18m 32s
Exporting Animated Banners — 5m 38s

Banner Set Design Automation — 32m 54s
Introduction — 5m 4s
Installing the Actions & Scripts — 3m 40s
Designing the Base Banner — 4m 44s
Replicating The Banners With Actions — 14m 52s
Exporting Static & Animated GIFS — 4m 34s

Closing — 5m 28s
Final Thoughts — 5m 28s


[center][img]http://photoload.ru/data/e1/d8/b7/e1d8b7e9fa357a83f31cbd4a6f334274_pv.jpg[img] [img]http://photoload.ru/data/ce/52/c6/ce52c605d47398b059892e3ea661c99f_pv.jpg[/img][/center]


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