Treating Alcoholism With Hypnosis by Gerald Kein

Treating Alcoholism With Hypnosis by Gerald Kein

Treating Alcoholism With Hypnosis by Gerald Kein

This Program Will Show The Hypnotism Practitioner How To

Help The Alcoholic Become Free!

Learn An Alternative To 12 Step Programs Using Hypnosis!

Learn How To Eliminate, Not Just Control Alcoholism And Other Substance Abuses!
Discover Powerful Techniques For Breaking Through The Protective Emotional Shell Of The Long Time Alcoholic!

This video using advanced hypnotherapy techniques when dealing with alcohol abuse is quite different from the usual 12 step program. Many times, it is possible to eliminate the problem, not just control the individuals drinking.

In this live three session video with an actual client, you will see how an alcoholic of over 20 years is transformed into a life of sobriety through the use of regression and abreaction hypnosis. Although some techniques used with this client may seem somewhat aggressive, it shows powerful ways to break through the protective emotional shell of the long time alcoholic. This program is very easily adapted for any kind of substance abuse problem.

This program consists of two DVDs with over THREE HOURS
of advanced, step by step, training techniques!

I want you to know that I am so impressed with the two video tapes on alcoholism using hypnotherapy. These tapes and your wonderful, caring mannerism pulled together so many effective techniques. This program is both powerful and exceptional. I have already put it into practice with great success. You have been a true inspiration and teacher to me…..indeed a master hypnotherapist. Thank you.
Kathleen Jureidini
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

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