Travis Ketchum – The Contest Sponsor Method

Travis Ketchum - The Contest Sponsor Method

Travis Ketchum - The Contest Sponsor Method

Travis Ketchum – The Contest Sponsor Method

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Want Thousands Of Qualified Prospects *Without* Spending Money On Advertising?

Learn how to unlock a fountain of top shelf leads

Travis Ketchum Sales HeadshotFrom: Travis Ketchum

RE: Stop paying for leads (but get more leads than ever)

Dear Friend,

You’ve probably been beaten with a stick about one “shiny” thing after another promising to completely rock your world. People have been hunting “free traffic” forever… SEO, Fan Pages, etc.

When all the “free” methods kept getting crushed like a cockroach, it sent business owners scrambling in search of a new traffic source to keep the lights on. Many have tried using Facebook Ads to stimulate sales, some have succeed but many have failed.

Paid media can be great because it brings in a consistent flow of traffic, leads and sales. But we’ve discovered a process that matches the reliability of ads without risking the ad spend.

Plus, not only will you have less risk – but you’ll be piggy backing the success and position of your peers within your marketplace… instantly elevating your own market authority.

This was a huge revelation, because I know so many business owners have either struggled to get advertising working for their business or have had their Facebook Ad account unceremoniously yanked out from under them with absolutely no warning at all.

Losing your ad account can have a detrimental impact on your business. For those just starting out that would mean your single “reliable” flow of leads and sales suddenly stops like a game of musical chairs. For those running agencies, you feel the pain twice over since you not only lose the traffic source, but you also look bad in front of your clients.

Contests have already taken many businesses from just a small trickle of leads each day to hundreds, thousands or even TENS of thousands of leads per day. But the most successful businesses are generating thousands of leads and are paying almost nothing for their traffic.

Let me show you exactly how our most successful customers are generating millions of leads in a way that you easily replicate over and over for all your future campaigns.

Get this course at here :

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