“TrapFunnel” Real Estate (and Home Improvement) Lead Generation Guide

“TrapFunnel” Real Estate (and Home Improvement) Lead Generation Guide

“TrapFunnel” Real Estate (and Home Improvement) Lead Generation Guide

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If You’ve Got 30 Minutes,
I’ll Show You How To Generate
More Real Estate Or Home Improvement Leads
Than You Ever Thought Humanly Possible

Early this year one of my most favorite printing clients, a large west coast real estate brokerage, emailed me a mailing list substantially larger than what they usually provide. A month later, the list was more than double the size, another month later it was even bigger, to the point where I thought they were going to have every person looking to sell their home in California on it.

Well, maybe not that big, but this sucker was getting huge at a very fast rate.

So me, the curious direct marketer, gets “Z” the head of their marketing on the phone and asks him what the heck they’re doing to get so many leads.

The answer shocked me.

Not just because of the clever method, but because it was something even a struggling agent could start taking advantage of immediately. And as I kept thinking about it, like the 9×12 system, this extremely simple concept on the surface started revealing how complex and versatile it is under the skin.

What at first seems so simple to implement, actually requires some know-how to get started, that nearly all agents will lack–yet nearly all marketers can do easily.

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