Transformational Author Experience 2014 – Christine Kloser

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Transformational Author Experience 2014 - Christine Kloser

Transformational Author Experience 2014 – Christine Kloser


Transformational Author Experience 2014

Transform Your Self, Your Business, and the World… With Your Book

Write, Publish and Promote Your Book

With The Help Of 21 NY Times Bestselling Authors,

Transformational Leaders, Agents, Publishers, and

Industry Experts… ABSOLUTELY FREE

22 plus Hours of Free Training For Aspiring Authors

If you dream of writing and publishing a book that will transform

your life, your readers, your business, and the world…

Then you’re invited to listen in LIVE (and for FREE) as this all-star lineup of New York Times Bestselling Authors, Literary Agents and Industry Experts Teach You How To Write, Publish and Promote Your Transformational Book. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the authors, publishers and experts who are leading this industry.

The Eight-Step System That Transforms

Your Book ‘Idea’ Into a Published Book…

and a Thriving Business!

The Transformational Author Experience is carefully organized into 8 steps and
guides you through all aspects of the writing, publishing and promotion process

Below are the authors, experts and classes

for you to benefit from.


CLASS 1: Christine Kloser – How to Master the Four Levels of Transformation…
to Write, Publish and Market Your Greatest Book
In this class you will learn:
• Discover how the Four Levels of Transformation impact everything
• Get the boost you need to stop procrastinating and start writing
• Release negative thinking so you can do what you were born to do – and be who you were born to be.
• Understand why NOW is the time to share your message
• And more!

CLASS 2: Panache Desai – Discover Your Soul Signature
During this class you will:
• Discover how to accept the blessing that is your life – no matter how challenging it’s been
• Remove the blocks that keep you from connecting with your authentic self
• Accept all that you are – and feel all there is to feel – to live a life of infinite possibilities
• And more.


CLASS 3: Marci Shimoff – The Practice of Writing
You’ll discover:
• What “practice” can look like in your own life (it’s different for everyone)
• How to approach the page with confidence, clarity and courage
• Tips to help your writing flow… easily and quickly
• How to structure your schedule so you have time to write
• And more!

CLASS 4: Mark Matousek – Writing Through Fear: Overcoming Your Creative Demons
You’ll discover:
• Why starting a piece can be so hard, and how to make it easier
• When it’s best not to share your writing (this is a big one!)
• How to use the blank page as a tool for your transformation
• What to do when inspiration fails you
• And more!


CLASS 5: Sandy Powell – Understanding the Difference Between Self-Publishing
and Traditional Publishing
You’ll learn how to:
• Figure out the best publishing method for you and your book
• Get clarity on the key differences in popular publishing models
• Identify what to do FIRST based on the model you choose
• Avoid major mistakes made by most new authors
• And more!


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