Traderscoach – Elliott Wave Online Home Study Course

Traderscoach – Elliott Wave Online Home Study Course

Traderscoach – Elliott Wave Online Home Study Course

Traderscoach – Elliott Wave Online Home Study Course

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Elliott Wave Online Home Study Course

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picture5.png® is pleased to announce the release of the most comprehensive Elliott Wave Online Home-Study Course where you will learn how to accurately forecast markets using Bennett’s methods of using key indicators and tools along with both the Classical & Modern Elliott Wave counting methods. Learn how to “Connect the Dots” and using Bennett’s “Elliott Wave Probability Matrix” for best practices. Also you will learn how to properly use Fibonacci numbers, RSI, and combining his Modern & Classical Elliott Wave approach that he has used over the last 15 years!

By Famous Author Bennett McDowell….


These new methods used by expert Bennett McDowell of® have been highly accurate and correctly forecasted the 2000 market high, 2003 market correction low, the 2007 summer high, the October 2008 sell-off, and the March 2009 low. Learn the fractal nature of the universe and how this relates to all markets!

Why You Need This Course:

Elliott Wave is the BEST road map of the markets! Learn Bennett’s “Elliott Wave Probability Matrix” Learn how to combine the “Classical” & “Modern” Elliott Waves techniques for greater accuracy! Avoid the common pitfalls of trading the Elliott Wave! Avoid the subjectivity in counting the Elliott Wave! Learn how to quickly identify the Elliott Wave on charts! Learn what the other 90% of traders don’t know! Learn one key that can save you BIG dollars! Learn how to catch major impulsive Elliott Waves Learn how to accurately AHEAD of time Learn how to determine market corrections Learn to use your current charting indicators with our SECRET settings to gain an EDGE in counting Elliott Waves! McDowell’s “Elliott Wave Probability Matrix” revealed!

Forecasting The Markets Without Guessing!®, Inc. announces the release of this state of the art online home-study course aimed at teaching comprehensive methods of achieving highly accurate market forecasts.

Those of you who have followed Bennett know just how accurate he has been, and also have a high probability of where markets are going over the next 5 years using these methods.

Here Are What Other Traders Are Saying About The Elliott Wave Home-Study Course by Bennett McDowell:

“I bought the EW program [Elliott Wave Online Home-Study Course] and love it. If there are folks out there that do not understand it – I was formerly one of them – GET IT – It is taught in a manner that is easy to digest and with the course structure you can go back and review sections over and over until you DO get it.” … Scott S., Jacksonville FL USA

“Ben, Excellent call on the market….thanks ‘BIG TIME’. Saved a bunch of money on the down side.” … Kirby L., Gilbert, AZ USA

“Enjoying the Elliot Wave course very much…..Keep Up the Good Work!”….Dave W., Boise, ID USA

“Hi I have been a webcast subscriber since Feb. [2009]. The forecasting has been spot on. Thanks.” …. Dan T., Syracuse NY USA

“I just wanted to say “thank you” for last Thursday’s broadcast when you covered the DJIA and the Elliott Wave. It was fantastic! I’d love to see you do that sort of broadcast once a month and maybe cover other indexes/commodities/currencies. I subscribe to Prechter also but your interpretations are usually a lot simpler to use in trading”… Terri G., Montana USA

Online go at your own pace home-study course contents includes:

1.Video Instruction by world renowned expert Bennett McDowell

2.Comprehensive Study Manual

3.Self Administered Exercises

4.Actual Chart Examples

5.e-mail support with Bennett McDowell




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