Top Producer Formula – David Wood

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David Wood - Top Producer Formula

Top Producer Formula – David Wood

What Does It Really Take to Become a Top Producer?
These 5 Simple Things Will Change Everything

– No matter what industry you’re in…

David Wood – Top Producer Formula
– No matter what you’re offering to people and…
– No matter how long you’ve been at it….

The 5 UNBREAKABLE COMMANDMENTS in this Handbook are what have allowed David Wood and his students to achieve million dollar success in their home businesses.
Discover the Truth About What it Takes to Become a Top Producer

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to become a Top Producer in your business.

It’s truly a ‘take-you-by-the-hand’ action checklist you’ll refer to again and again as David guides you each step of the way.

Join the THOUSANDS of people who have already downloaded the Top Producer Formula Handbook and started on the path towards true financial freedom!

Module 1: Sponsoring & Selling Secrets
Your main focus should be doing things that are going to make you money if you want to achieve financial freedom. What are the two most important money making activities? They are: producing new sales and recruiting.
If you focus on other things, you won’t create enough influence to recruit top-notch leaders or build a large network of marketers to help you reach the lifestyle you desire.
Remember, you do not need to re-invent the wheel here. Unless you’re making at least $30,000 a month, you should focus on selling and sponsoring. Bringing in two people a day is the real secret to sponsoring leaders. Remember that.
It’s not easy to get in this business and most people fail because they fall for the myth that making money online is easy.
Module 2: Beliefs and Attitudes
If your inner beliefs are not serving you and your business, then you need to change them. To be a true Top Producer, you need to identify what beliefs and values are preventing you from reaching your true potential. Those beliefs need to be replaced with beliefs that will put you in a place where you can be successful.
Your mind needs to be focused in a single direction if you want to accomplish your dreams, to create a big team, to sell a large amount of products, and to recruit a lot of people. If you present people with an opportunity they will join. Your confidence and belief in their ability is what convinces people to stay.
** This is by far my favourite module
Module 3: Killer Lead Capture Pages
Having effective capture pages followed by a funnel will make you a god of marketing. It doesn’t really matter whether you know everything about marketing if you have nobody to market products and services to. What you really need are people who want exactly what you have to offer.
This means capturing leads and the only way to collect leads online is through squeezes pages or opt-in pages. If you want to truly become successful online, then this is absolute most important skill you can develop.
Mars, Empower Network’s CMO, has built the highest performing lead capture pages ev[/b]er. Rob Rammuny, considered Empower Network’s prodigy, was making six figures before he was out of school because he knew how to collect lead pages.
Together, these two incredible marketers will teach you exactly how to create converting squeezes pages and they will offer insight into why these landing pages convert so well.
Module 4: Mechanics and Strategy
Module 5: Rapport, Responsiveness, & Relationships
Module 6: Generating Highly Targeted Leads
Module 7: Closing and Signing People Up on the Phone
Module 8: Upselling & Getting People ‘ALL IN’
Module 9: Presentation Formula

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