Tony Laidig Coloring Book Ultimate Publishing Bundle

Tony Laidig Coloring Book Ultimate Publishing Bundle

Tony Laidig Coloring Book Ultimate Publishing Bundle

Tony Laidig Coloring Book Ultimate Publishing Bundle

Coloring Book Master Class
**Exclusive Bundles!**

“Here Is Your Chance to Dive Into the Hottest
New Trend in Publishing Around the World.
Coloring Books for Adults.EVEN If You
Can’t Draw a Crooked Line and
Have Trouble Coloring Between the Lines.”

Discover How You TOO Can Create and Publish
Your OWN Coloring Books Beginning TODAY!

Coloring know, those books full of line drawings we used to give our children to keep them occupied “for hours”?! Yeah, forget those holding your child’s attention in the age of on-demand videos and mobile devices. But guess what? Turns out that Coloring Books have quickly become one of the hottest new publishing trends in a LONG time.and get this.not for children but for ADULTS! Who would have guessed it.

Turns out that Art Therapists found that when men and women colored in coloring books, stress levels dropped, anger dissipated and the colorers began to RELAX! And in today’s crazy world, don’t we all need outlets to relax more? HECK YEAH!

You might be wondering just how popular this trend really is. Well, one of the top-selling coloring books, Secret Garden, has sold nearly 2 MILLION copies. That should get your attention. It got mine! The truth is, Coloring Books for Adults has been dominating the top 50 bestsellers on Amazon for quite some time now. Even brick-and-mortar stores like Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million are getting in on the fun with huge displays of all types of coloring books!

As an artist, publisher and product creation expert, I wanted to get in on the fun. I also received a LOT of feedback from folks like YOU who ALSO wanted to create their own coloring books as well. Using a lot of creative design experiments and testing, I was able to reverse engineer many of today’s coolest coloring book designs, like Mandalas, Coloring Patterns and more! The BEST part is that I am going to teach YOU exactly how to easily create amazing-looking coloring pages yourself.WITHOUT having to draw a single line!

You will discover how to create amazing coloring book designs like this.

The Coloring Book Master Bundle

In the “Coloring Book Master Bundle” you will gain access to EVERYTHING you need to design, publish and succeed to dive into the exploding Coloring Book trend by creating your OWN Coloring Books! The Coloring Book Master Bundle includes:

The Coloring Book Master Class

This is the comprehensive foundational video training to get you up and running quickly (includes summary transcripts)

Module 1: Niche and Trend Research for Planning Your Coloring Book.
Module 2: Step-by-Step Demos of Mac and PC Software Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations.
Module 3: Step-by-Step Demos of Online and iPad Options to Design Coloring Book Illustrations.
Module 4: Designing Your Coloring Book Interior and Cover, Step-by-Step.
Module 5: Preparing and Uploading Your Finished Coloring Book to IngramSpark and CreateSpace.
Module 6: Pre-Selling, Author Central and 12 Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Coloring Book.

Advanced Coloring Book Design

=> This is an Advanced LIVE Training to be taught LIVE, August 6th, 7th and 10th! <=

Module 1 (Double Session): New Software Options for Quickly Creating Coloring Book Designs.
Module 2 (Double Session): Compositing Tricks for Creating Gorgeous, Enhanced Designs that Will Take Your Style to the Next Level.
Module 3 (Double Session): Merging Hand-Drawn and Digital Designs to Create Hybrid Illustrations.

Easy Book Publisher, Level One

(Discover More About “Easy Book Publisher” HERE!)

A comprehensive training that provides you with the understanding and tools necessary to truly make your self-published book a success!

Module One: Writing and Editing: The manuscript process.getting your manuscript ready for page layout.
Module Two: Book Layout in Microsoft Word and other options: Formatting and Style Sheet setup, Setting up book sections, Table of contents, Layout rules, Images and specialty layouts, etc.
Module Three: Cover Design using free tools: Front cover design rules, picking the right images, calculating the spine and the full cover layout.
Module Four: Publishing and Marketing: Preparing the book for publishing, pre-flighting, uploading to CreateSpace, AuthorCentral, getting the word out, etc.

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