Timing Solution Advanced – 2010 Edition – Market Analysis

Timing Solution Advanced

Timing Solution Advanced – 2010 Edition – Market Analysis

Name Product: Timing Solution Advanced – 2010 Edition – Market Analysis

Size: 40.59 MB

This is the most powerful software presently available for financial astrology and other wave cycle analysis and correlations studies. If you have historical market data, such as CSV format, simply load it into this software and it has extremely powerful analysis engines to find wave count correlations, planetary and astrological correlations and all types of other phenomena which affect market prices.

If you have a copy of metaTrader (Free) it has the ability to export data from any demo broker account into the correct CSV format which you could use with Timing Solution, however you will be limited to the amount of data your broker allows you to download, maybe 5 to 10 years. Paid data providers may provide much longer data, such as 100 years etc. This can be very useful for longer term analysis especially if you are studying planets, since they take a long time to orbit and enter/exit retrograde motion!

Be warned, there is a steep learning curve with this software and the faster your CPU the better. It will be very helpful if you are trying to study the works of W D Gann, and even Elliott to an extent. Certainly invaluable in my 5 yrs experience.

Files are clean. Guaranteed.

FYI. This software is written by Sergey Tarasov, who previously co-wrote another software called Market Trader with Alphee Lavoie. They had some kind of disagreement so Sergey started a new company with much of the same code, so this software is newer and better than Market Trader, so no need to bother with it.


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