Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM

Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM

Tiffany Dow's PLR ATM

Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM

I hate the way the name of this product sounds so hyped up – it sounds like something the typical marketer would use to deliver pie in the sky promises, but when I started thinking about what to name this course, there really was no better fit – because I myself use my private label rights site as an ATM machine.

I literally pull money out of it whenever I need it – for my kids’ tuition, for vacations, for bills – you name it. I can work on it as much or as little as I want to – the upkeep is completely your decision.

So going into this, I didn’t have a page count in mind or a certain number of bonuses conjured up. I just wanted to lay down my system exactly as it is and let you copy it so that if and when you need to make money fast, you’ll know how.

My PLR story begins back when I was still ghostwriting. I had people contacting me all the time asking to hire me, but they couldn’t afford my $20-30 per page rates. I had a booked schedule of clients at that rate, though, so I wasn’t going to lower it.

I can’t remember exactly who suggested PLR to me – it was probably my mentor, Craig Desorcy, but I remember thinking how great it would be because finally, everyone could afford my writing and I would make as much if not more from my writing skills!
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And I won’t lie – it also meant the end of working for demanding clients, and doing work one time, yet making a lot more money on my writing than before!

I started off with a few small packs of five articles for $5. That would mean I’d have to sell 20 packs of a five pack to make as much money as I’d earn ghostwriting it.

One of the first packs I wrote – Working at Home on the Net – sold at least 94 packs at $5 each, earning me $470. I would have only made $100 off that ghostwriting – and that pack is still selling today!

I started getting requests for larger packs – some clients mentioned wanting to queue up their email autoresponder systems for a year, so I did the math and figured 52 weeks = 52 one page articles. But they’d need a freebie to give away to GET that subscriber, too, right? A five-page report would suffice.

I called these my Mega packs – a 5-page report plus 52 one-page articles, for $57. My first one was the Diet pack. It’s sold at least 42 times for $57 a pop. That’s $2,394 I’ve earned – it would have only been $1,140 if I’d ghostwritten it.

My bestselling pack to date has been my Internet Marketing mega pack. I split it – I sold 85 copies at a discount price of $47 to a group of marketers and 96 copies to the public at $57 each. That’s $9,467 off of those 57 pages I wrote!

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