Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course

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Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course

Three Dimensional Therapy Study Course

COST: $695
Author: Leilani A. Alexander, Gwen S. Legler
Size: 9.68 GB
Three Dimensional Therapy takes energy healing to the next level. After 12 years of research and testing, Leilani A. Alexander, B.S. and Gwen S. Legler, MSW, have created a personal study course so you can learn this amazing therapy we call Three Dimensional Therapy, or T3 for short.

As an energy therapist, you can empower people to realize their full potential and the joy that comes with it. It is the things you do NOT know about yourself that stops you from reaching your goals and developing your full potential. As a person understands their past they can act, not react, to the present and with that insight and new-found strength can pursue their goals and dreams for the future.

The T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) Personal Study Course will:

Teach you what a faulty core belief system is and how to change it to an empowering belief system!
Show you how our obsessions and sabotages can prevent physical healing, successful relationships and financial success in a person’s life.
Demonstrate the power of the Core Desire and how it affects the core belief systems. Understanding this need and how to remove the distortion of it will help you unlock the subconscious mind and free it from the shackles of faulty core belief systems.
Instruct you to identify and change a person’s negative energy messages to positive eneregy messages.
Teach how the energy of a person’s past affects them, which tools to use for moving that energy, and the correct timing for this technique.
Enhance the skills of a professional therapist or practitioner who wants to use a highly effective tool with their clients, promoting accomplishments of positive changes in a much shorter time period.
Meet the needs of those who just want to use it with themselves, their families and friends.

About the Authors

Leilani A. Alexander has brought to this study course a rich background in Metaphysical Science and has adapted many of these methods to the T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) Method so you can learn and do them also. You will learn to recognize your special gifts and how to use them!

Gwen S. Legler has a strong background in psychology, handwriting analysis and counseling. She shares her skills and knowledge with you throughout this course.

What makes T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) different?

It is one of the most effective methods for working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Using core belief therapy and understanding the warped core desire will enable a practitioner to clear past trauma and the trigger points.

T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) is the most effective method for finding and working with Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Little has been known about this in the past, but modern technology is showing it occurs more often than previously thought.

T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) is the only therapy that shows the correlation between the Core Desire and belief systems.

These are some of the highlights of what you will learn:

Basic Techniques to help you get started
How to work with a client and some cautions you need to know for your practice
The basic Core Belief System and more in-depth core belief systems
How to work with a surrogate
The Core Desire and how powerful its affect can be on a person
Other energy work such as Chakras, extra sensory perception, imaging, energy cording, moving the past and conception energy
There are special sections on the brain system, the effects of separation and abandonment, and addictions

What is in this Amazing Study Course?

300 page manual with illustrations about T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy)
Course on Handwriting Analysis that will be a great resource for helping you to quickly understand your clients and how to help them
You will have both manuals, with colorful illustrations, on disks for an E-Book that you can download on your iPad or other electronic device
Three professionally produced DVDs where we demonstrate the methods taught in the manual so you can see what we do
Bonus – Karol Truman’s booklet, “A Reference Guide to Emotions”
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