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The Unselfish Marketer

The Unselfish Marketer

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What Will You Find Inside TheUnselfishMarketerVault?


We could fill an entire eBook just with the content descriptions found inside the Vault catalog. As of this writing, the main catalog contains in excess of 4000 products available for use, sale, or resale in one form or another.

Many of these products are multi-part or even ongoing products, pushing the real total even higher. And ever since our first year, we continue to add new products every second day.

Further, the Vault offers complete training for all levels of IM and niche marketing from beginner through “extreme levels” designed for taking the six figure earner into seven figures per year (and yes these members are represented here at the Vault as well!). Nearly all these training programs are part of your membership in one form or another.

To complement all of the above, you will find your membership includes full backend business support for your growth as well. This includes pro-hosting, auto- responders, and backend admin systems designed to support all levels of your IM growth and success. All this is part of your membership.

The bottom line is that the Vault is an IM and niche marketer supply created by niche marketers, for niche marketers, and now delivered straight to YOU. And it continues to grow and get better and more valuable every day.
So Now That You Joined (OR are about to ;-), What Is The Vault Really?

The Vault is everything outlined above and more. It is the brain-child of JayKay Bak, aka the “Unselfish Marketer”. (You can find out more about JayKay by visiting his blog inside your Vault membership page, and through the member forum and JayKay‟s Blurbs, also found inside your Vault membership.)

JayKay conceived and created a closed and limited membership designed to remove the “greed factor” common to the IM industry, at the benefit of the membership. A complete IM and niche resource built with one goal in mind. That goal is to “provide the maximum benefit of resources and products needed by the membership in an unselfish and non-greedy structure, all seeking member success”.

This “unselfish” mission statement and way of doing business, and the near overnight success it brought the Vault, earned JayKay the nickname “The Unselfish Marketer” from his peers. Today, the “Unselfish Brand” touches niche marketers around the world through its many membership sites. Heart and center of this organization is the Vault, your new membership.

In fact, since it started in 2006, the Vault has evolved into such a complex and far reaching membership, a need for a “user guide” has developed. This user guide that follows is an effort to help members get the most from their Vault membership, and to keep new members from inadvertently wasting a lot of time doing it.

“How To Use The UM Vault- And how not to waste a lot of time doing it!”


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