The Ultimate Fitness Business Success Blueprint


The Ultimate Fitness Business Success Blueprint

Ever since Eric, Mike and I started telling people that we were working on Fitness Business Blueprint we’ve received a LOT of questions.

Since we launched yesterday this has only multiplied.

So we’ve put together answers to the most common questions we’ve received below:

Do I have to have an existing training business to benefit from Fitness Business Blueprint?


Answer: Ideally, Fitness Business Blueprint would work best if you have your own business or at least the desire to start one. Because at the end of the day, that’s where your long-term success will come from.

But that being said, having your own business is NOT mandatory to benefit from Fitness Business Blueprint.  You can still benefit from Fitness Business Blueprint if you are an employee or a contractor in someone else’s business by learning how to be a better coach, a better marketer and a better salesperson.

But at some point, you’ll want to have the freedom that running your own business provides. And by using what you learn from us to build your own business, you’ll achieve that in record time.

What if I’m brand new to the fitness industry. Is Fitness Business Blueprint right for me?

Answer: That’s one we’re getting a lot. And it’s a legitimate concern. So here’s the deal…

If you know absolutely nothing about coaching, have no training experience whatsoever, and are a complete novice in the industry, then this probably isn’t for you.

Because Fitness Business Blueprint is not one of those products that don’t ask you to be good at your craft, we ask more of you than the average ‘marketer’ would before investing in this product.

If you have no training background, then you need to study your craft.  Dig in to Mike and Eric’s materials as well as some of the other coaching / training resources that we recommend.  Only after you’ve done that legwork will Fitness Business Blueprint yield it’s true benefit to you.

And if you’re willing to actually spend the time learning your craft, then apply what we show you, then you’ll be starting a business armed with a skill-set entrepreneurs everywhere only wish they had when they started.

You’ll avoid all the paralyzing mistakes while consistently building a successful and profitable business.

But, by simply utilizing what you learn in Fitness Business Blueprint, you’ll be able to avoid the dreaded “overworked and underpaid” stage and ascend to having the business you want much faster than you ever thought possible.


Mike & Eric – I want a business like IFAST or Cressey Performance.  How will Fitness Business Blueprint help me get there?

Mike: I love the term “fast-track” – this product will absolutely help fast track you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that Eric and I have made along the way.

I wish I would’ve had something like this when I got started. Sure, I had access to great minds like Pat, Nick, Alwyn, etc., but I didn’t have a resource that was all-inclusive in nature. With a product like this I literally could’ve sat down and hammered out all of my systems, my marketing, etc., and not had to take so many bumps along the way!

Quite simply if you’re a new business owner, this will take you step-by-step through what you need to be successful.

Eric: In a broad sense, it shows one how to avoid the mistakes we made, but also take advantage of the things we actually did correctly!

First, The Fitness Business Blueprint will expedite the process of finding and developing a niche – which will, in turn, dictate marketing efforts. It helps trainers avoid trying to be everything to everyone.

It’ll also help fitness professionals understand the difference between lead generation and lead conversion.  For us, an intricate strategy with respect to the former has been absolutely essential, while the latter hasn’t been a concern at all.  Some businesses are the exact opposite – and you need different strategies for each of the two.

Mike and I can also help one develop multiple revenue streams to facilitate growing one’s clientele, and retention strategies to best serve your an clientele.

Above all else, I think that we can show as well as anyone that being successful and being true to who you are don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  You can run a profitable fitness facility that is built upon science, hard work, and a genuine desire to improve relationships and help others.

Can I go through Fitness Business Blueprint at my own pace?

Answer: Absolutely. You get access to the entire Fitness Business Blueprint package so you can go through the material at whatever pace you feel most comfortable.  No rush, no pressure.

Pat, I already have your some of your other products. Is Fitness Business Blueprint different?

Answer: Fitness Business Blueprint is a totally different program from B3, Client Blitz, Fitness Profit Formula or Fitness Sales Formula.

Fitness Business Blueprint takes you inside both Mike and Eric’s businesses and they share things that you just don’t get from my or any other business building products.  While some of the concepts that are shared in Fitness Business Blueprint are things that have been taught before in all of our products, nothing like this has ever been compiled in one comprehensive resource designed specifically to build a successful fitness business before.

How soon will I be able to start accessing Fitness Business Blueprint?

Answer: Right now! Fitness Business Blueprint is delivered entirely online so you can gain immediate access to this powerful business building information.

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